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‘I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the session I am so grateful for your support, words of wisdom and sharing your journey with me. You not only enlightened me but inspired me on a whole new level. It was great to be able to have a non-judgemental conversation with such a bright being. I felt like a light had been switched on after our talk and was on fire and buzzing with all the advice you had given me. It gave me so much food for thought.’   Jen Smith


Book or enquire by emailing: senseofyou@hotmail.com.

Corporate & Personal Wellbeing Coach, specialising in:



TaLisa a Life Coach and Nutritionist has held various corporate management positions, leading up to 30 staff across 4 teams.

Her ability to engage and drive a winning culture led her to present on staff engagement at the 2013 Annual Mortgage Processing Conference in Sydney.

TaLisa holds qualifications in Life Coaching, Human Resources, Business Management, Financial Services, Reiki and Nutrition.


‘I had a soul lifting session with TaLisa which left me feeling lighter and clearer in my journey. We worked through some of the things that were blocking me to get to my goal. We shared life experiences with each other and found what my unique message was. TaLisa asked guided questions to dig deep into my soul. It was by far, one of the best soul-coaching sessions I had.’   Suraya


Coaching for Men and Women

 Coaching Hour to Clarity  $77 AUD

Book or enquire by emailing: senseofyou@hotmail.com.


For less than the cost of another course or workshop, let’s have a chat about what that niggling feeling is, what has been holding you back and get you some specific advice tailored to your unique situation.

Over our hour Skype session we can get clear on what is holding you back, be it professionally, personally or in your health and wellbeing. 

On-going packages will also be designed just for you with a  multi-session discount.

To book email: senseofyou@hotmail.com


Speaking, Workshops and Group Events

Speaking, workshops, and group coaching are available. Please email the details to senseofyou@hotmail.com.


Coaching Discounts & Volunteer Work

TaLisa considers a couple places each year for discount and volunteer work in coaching and speaking.

If you wish to be considered for a coaching discount due to life circumstances please email the details of your situation to senseofyou@hotmail.com. Only genuine cases will be considered.

If you have a Not For Profit group, and you would like TaLisa to provide coaching or speaking on a volunteer basis please email senseofyou@hotmail.com with details of your request.



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