The Appeal of Twenty Strangers Kissing

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So many tuned in to watch twenty strangers kiss for the first time. It gave me goosebumps and a huge smile—one of those smiles that beams from within.

The video First Kiss was an Internet hit.  Sure, it had its critics, as all viral items do, criticising the beauty of the chosen ‘actors’, the perfect lighting and the fact that unknown to them, the filming was done for advertising. But really, this is part of everything we watch now, every movie made.

I don’t care.  It was still real, and it still has something so absolutely stunning about it.  The follow up, Undress Me, still managed to capture the same X factor, as twenty strangers were asked to undress each other and lie in a bed, nothing more.

I watched these videos several times, and they never lost their…what is that? What was it that had me at ‘hello’, with these videos?

Now there are several imitation videos posted.  But those that genuinely tried to recreate this phenomenon still had some of that X factor—and of course, the beautiful music and setting aided this factor in the original.

As I watched the ‘First Kiss’ video, I could put the beauty down to a number of key things:

a)    The two people who had come together had both decided to be vulnerable.

b)   They gave each other ‘a go’, a chance, a little peek at a side of them not always shown, reserved for more intimate times and people.

c)    There was, mostly, a lot of mutual attraction and/or admiration that came out of the above actions.

Because that is it, isn’t it—the sweetest part of a relationship—the falling.  The attraction, the admiration—when it is returned, that someone you like likes you back, that however far you put yourself on the line, it is reciprocated, not rejected.

This video, First Kiss, captures the innocent beauty in that first coming together with someone you are prepared to let in.  It shows the awkwardness, the shyness, the clumsiness and the acceptance of all of that.

We want someone to love all that about us, all the bits that we see as not quite perfect.  We want the chance to be let in, to be shown vulnerability, to have someone to jump in with, to be trusted with that.

But we cannot get this if we don’t give it.  We cannot expect to have the innocent beauty of this if we hide behind our heart’s walls.  We need to find a way, every day with those in our lives, to give it a fresh start, to find the beauty in fresh eyes—letting the beauty we see in the good times be our in-focus view.

We are all trying, struggling with the different relationships in our lives, and most of all, with the one we have with ourselves.

See yourself anew—through the eyes of an admiring stranger.  Forgive your awkwardness, shyness, self-doubts, as you would do for someone showing this vulnerability to you.

Because we all hold the beauty we see in these videos. But of course, it comes at a risk: if you let someone in, they could hurt you, yes.

‘What if it doesn’t work out?’ Ah—but what if it does!

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 Photo by Jorunn Lorenzen