This is Where We Begin


This is where we begin.

It isn’t a negative place, it is a starting place.

Please don’t hate, dislike or feel disempowered by where you are now.

Negative emotions are a counter-force to positive actions.

Love this place, like you love the start of a holiday.  All that growth, exploration, and discovery ahead of you.

And, like the holiday it will change you, it will challenge you and it will teach you things about yourself you cannot even imagine yet.

Your greatest chance of success in what you are working towards comes from a simple kindness to yourself in the here and now.

Allow no disempowerment in by respecting every part of your journey – the falls along the way as the successes.

Listen for the lessons, let them shape you, stretch you and open you up to a version of you unimagined.

Consider all the negative emotion you currently feel  and release them. Start your journey clean, in love, ready for a few tumbles and give yourself the kindness you would so easily give your best friend.


Attractive growth, be it in mind, persona or in body health, cannot be manifested by hating where you are now.

Hate energises hate inhibiting positive growth and change.

First, love who you are now and let that self-love multiply and grow.


This is just the start.

The growth is sitting just behind your self-love.

Love yourself hard.

Love yourself deep.

You know what you have been through, many deaths already in this life – so you know more than anyone you deserve a break.

Give yourself that break. 

Then watch yourself fly.


Darkness and desires,


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