We are Waking Up to Self Love and Acts of Kindness


There is a wonderful movement underway, one of kindness, caring and sharing.

One that shouldn’t need a movement, but if we are going to raise awareness and have that awareness gain traction this is certainly a subject that deserves it.

There can never be too much kindness in the world.

I think it is just ace the way the world is now empowering us to love ourselves, to stand strong and proud in who we are and what is right for us, and take that power to do good for others, encouraging the same in them.

We continue to learn that our true self, not some image society has created, is where true confidence comes from. It comes from within, it comes from our soul self, not some impossible-to-live-up-to image.

Recently this video came out showing women that we actually might not want the effects of Photoshop applied to us.

The absolute beauty in our design is that by helping others and performing acts of kindness we are actually in turn experiencing a direct injection to our own happiness. By turning out and helping another, we help ourselves on our journey towards true inner happiness.

The Wake Up Project now are formalising acts of kindness with their free Kindness Cards, so as you perform a random act of kindness for another your card will alert them that it wasn’t some creepy anonymous stalker, but rather the kind thought of a stranger just wanting to pass on some good will. They even kick each ripple off by posting your five Kindness Cards to you for free. You can check them out and order yours here.

And of course these actions aren’t just subject to the financial, where you might pay for the coffee of the next person in line. It is much, much more than that.

Caught on camera was this act of good will, where passing some cash to a homeless man turned out to show us that worth much more than some spare change to him was the value he placed on a conversation, taking the gifted money and running off to buy some lunch for his kind donator just to enjoy the time eating with someone.

And we are then reminded with this video that sometimes we are asked and let our prejudice get in the way, when those that understand and place less judgement on the situation will more kindly offer what little they have.

I fully understand we cannot all give donations, but these videos show it is far more than that, that this world needs more compassion, care, and actions free of judgement when we go to help another and ourselves.

We all just celebrated the #LoveWins movement, and I hope this continues to all the areas of our little planet, that we all continue to act in, and celebrate all actions of love.

I pray you find the time to perform a random act of kindness this coming week, and in turn receive a bit more happiness for yourself.

I received my Kindness Cards this week, used my first one, and it did feel good, I won’t deny that. But I have become more aware that I don’t need a card to be kind. I have noted the positive effect of just by being more aware of acting with greater love and compassion, that I have in turn acted so. I have listened more, paused more in the moment, and also been kinder on myself as I too stumble along the way on my journey.

I hope unashamedly that I do become more happy, positive, and caring, because I can never be too much of these things and, as they can be a little contagious, this can only be a healthy change. I am trying to infect myself for all the benefits this will have on me and everyone else. That is the world I want to live in.

Will you join me?

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