Treat Yourself Right and the World Will Follow

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You are enough; and not too much.

Every lover that tells you, you are too much is telling you ‘I’m not for you’. He/she is asking you to take the challenge of stepping up and that means stepping out. This partner is telling you it is time to choose yourself. The universe is providing you this lesson so you can learn to choose you, and that can be to step away, to bow out, to love and let go.

Every partner that doesn’t listen to you or doesn’t make you a priority in their life is telling you it is time to grow in strength in yourself and that means walking away from what doesn’t serve you.

Because the right partner will never think you are too much. The right partner will find you perfect, especially in your imperfections. 

They will celebrate your role in their life.

If they are struggling to make time for you, it is a sweet life lesson for you to step up and accept. A lesson I have learnt and can speak from, one that was hard but upon reflection so very important for me to make.

You will not have to make excuses for someone who is right for your life. You will not have to wait for them to find you space – life is about priorities and if you are not one of theirs, they should not be one of yours.

You are worthy, perfect and enough.

You are sexy, caring and open.

You will absolutely be a soul saviour to the right one.

But the key to this lock is showing the world how you deserve to be treated.

You cannot expect someone to come along and see you as worth making a priority in their life, unless you do to yourself.

If you don’t look after yourself, your health, wellbeing, and stand up for what is right for you, how can you expect anyone else to?

You must lead the way.

You must put yourself first in order to be put first.  

 Show the world your worth, lead the way and stand firm in what you deserve.

And when you have done the work within, and you are loving life, fulfilled because you have filled yourself, you may just find that is when someone beyond special, someone extraordinary shows up. Someone who can take you to the next level and teaches you even more about yourself (as you do them).

Because you will both have the similar energy of being enough, being confident and compassionate, of caring and leading, you will join forces and the world will stand in awe of what you have.

Or, if you are the lone warrior and simply plan to go on leading by example for all in your complete self-power then that too is another beautiful story.

Just remember whether it is for one person or the world – you are enough.

You must treat yourself as a priority before you can expect anyone else to.


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