How I Sink Into and Rise Out of the Tough Times


I know I must feel it to heal it.

I allow myself to sink into the sadness – this is hard – and I notice I do try to fight it before I even realize I am. Once I observe my resistance I can begin focusing on surrender.

I find I do better when I accept the reality of the feeling, I let it wash over me, through me, and I sink into it. I feel it.

Once I have done all the crying I need to do I rest.

Give yourself permission early on to reach out for help as soon as you feel you need it. It is brave and admirable to admit when you cannot do this alone.

Tears allow a lot of negative energy to escape. Like running a race you will feel tired as you release and need to rest after.

I allow myself rest that lets the wounds heal; alone time, reflection, time to emerge from that exertion slowly.

Again, I try to sit back and observe myself here to ensure I rest and reset enough but also not too much. I know it is easy to fall into misery on top of the sadness. Allow the sadness to come and pass but don’t cling to it in uncertainty or fear of the next step.

Once rested, I focus on nourishing myself. I aim for nutritious foods that will make me feel good from the inside out. Along with sourcing the nutritious foods I enjoy I add in some exercise – a big, long walk at this time is perfect. Reflect on what has come to pass. Find the lessons, the growth, how you can take this in your stride.

Then begin to give yourself some homely activities; this will provide a little distraction amongst the introspection to allow your subconscious to work through it some more in the healing and learning – read a book, catch a movie, etc.

And, when you are ready get back up slowly, in strength in this new, wiser sense of you, breathe in the change and allow yourself to step up, step on and flourish in all that you are.



  1. Emma October 12, 2015

    I love this post and can relate so very much. I’m not sure of your own personal experience, but as someone myself who is living with/healing from long term autoimmune disease, this really resonated with me.

    One of my life changing lessons, has been learning to feel things. To stop pushing things away. To literally allow myself to ‘be with’ whatever is happening.

    Seeing this little process written down here, made me realise that just as you write, this is the path I now take when I have those setbacks.

    Lots of love to you – and thank you 🙂

    Emma x

    • TaLisa October 12, 2015

      Thanks Emma for your comment. Yes it is empowering to own the downs as well as the ups. Thanks so much for sharing.


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