The power you hold

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We can love so strong we would die for another, an emotion that overrides our basic instincts.

We have the power to change the lives of others, animals, and the structure of the plant we reside on.

We can run ahead of the opposition or stop and help those who have fallen.

We can choose to do all or nothing with this power in ourselves.

The power to completely make someone’s day is within your capacity to offer regularly but we often don’t have any comprehension of the true potential of this. We don’t realize that we are walking by others in need of something we can easily offer every day.

We can even be given a hint, an outstretched hand but so often chose to walk by.

Is this because we don’t fully understand what is being asked or the impact of this request?  Do we have to know the whole story to reply to the request?  Are we really that selfish in helping another?  We are often focused on the big gifts we make in our life and easily forget the small opportunities that come by daily.

I think of how easy it is to walk by buskers, which are so often playing good music.  Did I donate?  Why not?   Could I spare the dollar?  Was it the time it would take to retrieve the change? Or was it a concern with how the dollar would be spent?

We don’t want the inconvenience and so foolishly think there won’t be any real impact of ignoring this request.

I have felt too busy, too inconvenienced and forget easily the impact I can have on those around me in my everyday life.

So I have just taken the gold coins out of my purse and put them into a location in my bag I can quickly grab them from when I walk by the next busker, because I do enjoy hearing good live music, I appreciate it on a stroll down the street and if I can appreciate it I can answer that small request and drop into the unseen outstretched hand.

I can stop when asked or when someone looks a little lost and offer assistance. I can take a stressed friend out and give them a break.  I can give time.  I can give hugs.  I can listen, share, help, appreciate and give a little back each day to a world I have no problem taking from.

I can think about setting myself up in little ways I can give back in different versions of the easy to reach gold coin, and make a conscious effort until it becomes a habit to give back every day to the unseen outstretched hand that is so easy to pass by.  For one day it may be my outstretched hand seeking a friend.

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