Float by Loosening Your Grip

We panic and grip tighter.

Try to control the situation even more.

Push for an answer.

We demand a response.

Imagine your are in water. You cannot swim. You are paniced, throwing your arms around and kicking violently.

If you only realised you could stop struggling and instead float.


You open your hand and in your palm a small pile of sand is placed. Hand held open, the sand remainds. But you want to make sure you don’t loose any so you tighten your grip and it all slips through your fingers – if you only you’d have kept it open.

Release your control on the ways of the world and let what is yours naturally flow to you and what is not float on by.

When you are feeling vulnerable and scared – you will find that the struggles in life often are moved through with ease moreso when you can stop trying to control and allow what will be to be, and if not, take care of yourself and move on.

Afraid fo the space that a move on may leave – only new dreams and wild adventures and come if there is room for them.







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