Sometimes No Answer is THE Answer

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There are unanswered questions that burn through my mind.

They circle like hawks over my daily routines always just…there. I can look up at them and focus my attention, or look away and keep moving as the questions circle. My journey wonders what answer these circling questions seek and sometimes I search for it. I look for rocks to overturn on these desert plains in hope that something will scurry out and grab their attention, allowing them to dive down and snatch it up like a fresh kill for a hungry predator.

But nothing seems to grab their attention and after a while I just go back to getting on, leaving them hovering.

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A Year of Growth in Review – My First Twelve Months with You

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Twelve months ago, I had just reduced all of my possessions to five boxes, two suitcases and a car, I then moved three thousand kilometres, published my first article on this blog and began a new life.

I find I can easily get caught up in the negative—the articles I published that got it wrong, the losses I faced, new struggles, times where I could have done better and how far I still have to go to reach my dreams.

So, in reflection of this huge year of change, I will make particular note of the achievements, key moments and lessons learned for I can grow from the past rather than dwell upon it, and I will pat myself on the back for all the things I got right.

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