Simplicity – Forget Clean Spaces and Focus on Why


We are hearing more and more about minimalism, simplicity, intentionalism and sparking joy.

We think of clean desks, spacious rooms, and simple designs – and sadly in doing so we miss the point.

The true meaning for me is one of just that – meaning. I am clear that what doesn’t have a real purpose, hold a key value or meaning in my life, instead detracts from life.

Clutter isn’t fun. Spending more hours than necessary at work to buy things we don’t really need isn’t fun. Having to then work more to afford to rent space for this surplus stuff, even less fun.

If we get clear on what we need, not be so caught up in the want, we can live a little more.

I don’t want to spend hours working out what to wear.

I don’t want to spend hours having to clean and maintain stuff I don’t really need.

I don’t want to work beyond the years I must to set up a good life for myself. And that want will only be met by living a life acquiring only what I need and removing all that I don’t.



8 Reasons My Minimalist Lifestyle is here to Stay


Two years ago I began looking for answers on how to get more out of life.

I was looking for ways to become more focused on fulfilling my sense of purpose.

Following a break-up that left me needing to come deeply into my soul-self, I began downsizing my life by removing all the distractions, I uncovered my inner minimalist. Distractions such as unnecessary/unused objects, too many clothes to think about choosing from, too much space to have to clean and maintain; anything that screamed for my attention. I craved simplicity in all its forms as I realised I needed my energy for my healing and couldn’t afford to be giving it away, especially to things that didn’t add value to my life.

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