Get the most out of the book made into a movie

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I have a three-part theory about getting the most enjoyment out of a book that has been made into a movie.

The most agreed upon piece of information here is that, if you read a book and then see its movie, you are going to be disappointed in the majority of cases.

If you are reading a book that has been or you know is being made into a movie, STOP READING. Stop reading right now and put that book somewhere where you won’t be tempted to pick it up until you have seen the movie. If you have already read it, you are doomed and I cannot help you, sorry. I kid, but it can be a good way of testing this theory. By starting with the opposite of my recommendation, and then finding another book made into a movie, you can follow my recipe to compare; this is the only way I can see that you can benefit now.

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