The Teachings of Travel


I am again blessed with the opportunity to travel.  The pennies have been saved, the sacrifices made, the specials scoured, and now, the next trip is booked.  It’s just a couple months away.

Travel can include everything, from a weekend road trip, to an overseas holiday, and there are lessons that come with each and every trip.

Recently, the article Don’t Date a Girl Who Travels caused a bit of controversy.  It struck a nerve with those who missed its good intentions behind the sarcastic wording, and for having a bit of fun with stereotyping travellers.  But it also provoked for the right reason: it showed how travel can help us grow.  Of course, it wasn’t long before Date a Boy Who Travels appeared in the press.

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What Do You See?

walterreid (17 of 29)

What does the world really look like?

I cannot help but wonder what the one, true state of this environment we live in looks like.

I am fully aware I ‘see’ the world with my own set of rose-colored glasses, as you do yours. Filtered with my/your own experiences, judgments, perceptions, assumptions and expectations.

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