Treat Yourself Right and the World Will Follow

walterreid (5a of 29)

You are enough; and not too much.

Every lover that tells you, you are too much is telling you ‘I’m not for you’. He/she is asking you to take the challenge of stepping up and that means stepping out. This partner is telling you it is time to choose yourself. The universe is providing you this lesson so you can learn to choose you, and that can be to step away, to bow out, to love and let go.

Every partner that doesn’t listen to you or doesn’t make you a priority in their life is telling you it is time to grow in strength in yourself and that means walking away from what doesn’t serve you.

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Everyday Blessings

sport (23a of 38)

I am just starting to come to again. I have had one of the worst flus of my life for the past three days. It felt like I was drunk, to the point of nausea and dizziness, I had the sweats and all my muscles felt like sinking lead balloons.

Today, I am back to just feeling like a standard flu feels, a bit hazy and sniffley, though I feel like a million dollars compared to the last few days.

But I know I still need to listen to my body and give it the nutrients and rest it needs to finishing fighting the battle.

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