A Million Dollar View

alleyway (77 of 98)Photo by Jorunn Lorenzen

Check out is in an hour. I have just spent two nights in the most amazing house with eight other people, only one of whom I had met before.

As the weekend went on, we discussed how owning such a house would feel. It really felt like Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous with a full glass side of the house overlooking the ocean, a heated Jacuzzi for eight, heated floors, a full library and games room, and an amazing fireplace area, which I am learning isn’t that special for Tasmania, but only six weeks in from sunny Queensland, it’s a novelty to me.

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Lessons in Time

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 I have heard that everyone you meet will teach you something, and I believe this with my whole heart.

We are all so quick to form our own opinions of the actions taken by others. We are also quick—given half the chance—to share and expect our recommendations to be followed. Here we are with barely a glimpse of the whole situation, yet we feel that ‘our’ recommendation is the best solution.

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