Quotes – 21 of the Best


What I collect is beautiful words. Words that inspire, motivate and sing themselves off the page, from poetry, to beautiful stories to quotes.

To share some of these quotes with you here here are 21 of my most loved:

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There is magic here, in this very moment


There is magic here, in this very moment.

There is a little magic in this moment as I breathe in the fresh cool air kissed by the snow-topped mountain.

A little magic in the warmth of clothes fresh out of the dryer amongst the cold day that surrounds me.

There is a little magic in this moment alone, a moment where a little loneliness finds me but from which a poetry book saves me, inspires me.

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Somedays I Struggle

kitchen (22a of 31) Photo by Jorunn Lorenzen

Sometimes I feel a healthy weight, and sometimes I pinch the less desirable chubby areas.

Sometimes I love beam my smile, and sometimes I get hung up on the sound of my voice.

Sometimes I love being me, and sometimes, ashamedly, whilst I wouldn’t change, I wince at parts of me.

I am me. You are you. We all love and struggle with ourselves.

Our internal dance.

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