Float by Loosening Your Grip

We panic and grip tighter.

Try to control the situation even more.

Push for an answer.

We demand a response.

Imagine your are in water. You cannot swim. You are paniced, throwing your arms around and kicking violently.

If you only realised you could stop struggling and instead float.


You open your hand and in your palm a small pile of sand is placed. Hand held open, the sand remainds. But you want to make sure you don’t loose any so you tighten your grip and it all slips through your fingers – if you only you’d have kept it open.

Release your control on the ways of the world and let what is yours naturally flow to you and what is not float on by.

When you are feeling vulnerable and scared – you will find that the struggles in life often are moved through with ease moreso when you can stop trying to control and allow what will be to be, and if not, take care of yourself and move on.

Afraid fo the space that a move on may leave – only new dreams and wild adventures and come if there is room for them.







PS – I have a course for you – check out the intro video here to Choose You – Meditation and Mindfulness Made Easy – then find it on the courses page!

A Little Coaching Session

The change of seasons brings about a desire to also shed parts of ourselves and an even bigger desire to step into that space we dreaming of seeing ourselves in.

For some of us that space is about:

  • carrying a sense of peace and presence throughout the day,
  • for others it is finding a way to stick to the health/diet change, some will have a dream that they haven’t been quite able to find the pieces that make it all come to life,
  • some are working at their new business but find they cannot quite picture the longer term direction,
  • and some cannot even put their finger on what that feeling is.

I do the work on this once to twice a year for myself and my business where I immerse myself in my own coaching skills and work through, from the unknowing, clarifying and further refining until BAM – I have my next six months to a year clear and right in front of me for my next step to be taken into.

Whilst it is a little difficult to run through a coaching session with you without your answers, I do have a little self-reflection set of questions that provide some key insights if you really sit with them and let the answer unfold. A neat trick I like to use is to ponder the question before bed and then let my subconscious work on it over the night to a few days.  I find the answer emerges in time or that when I revisit the question a new angle comes to into my conscious mind.

These questions each stand alone. Working on all of them all at once will create a bit of a cloudy mix of emotion inside. Instead pick a key one or two at a time to sit with (paired off for you):

What/where are you currently hiding?
What are you losing sight of?

What support do you need right now? How can you get it/ask for it?
What shouldn’t you tolerate, but maybe do? Why?

I really miss…
I want to create …

An answer I am waiting for is…
When I am the situation of … I feel out of alignment with my true self.

What am I escaping…
I am not quite ready to deal with …

My body is craving …
My soul is craving…

It is deep work to come face to face with spaces of ourself we have lost touch with over the chaos of everyday life.  It is amazing of you to take the time to really get back in touch with yourself.

If you are looking to go deep and clarify, check out the Coaching Page for more info.