Somedays I Struggle

kitchen (22a of 31) Photo by Jorunn Lorenzen

Sometimes I feel a healthy weight, and sometimes I pinch the less desirable chubby areas.

Sometimes I love beam my smile, and sometimes I get hung up on the sound of my voice.

Sometimes I love being me, and sometimes, ashamedly, whilst I wouldn’t change, I wince at parts of me.

I am me. You are you. We all love and struggle with ourselves.

Our internal dance.

We all talk about loving ourselves, who we are unashamedly. But no one, I have ever met, can do that every day, because we  – you and me  – are human. We will, in some way, always struggle with this.

And that is a blessing.

Humility is beautiful.

I have defined beauty as a mix of confidence and humility. I can still think of no better way to describe it.

Have confidence in yourself but humility towards all others and in my eyes you are ‘beautiful’. It is as simple and as complicated as that.

I see so much beauty in everyone.  There is something I love in you; for the passion you have for something or in the care you take to help another person or in your struggles internally. These are all beautiful qualities within all of us.

But I know you look in the mirror, too. And I wish I could take that from you. I wish like a thief in the night I could steal all your insecurities and just leave your compassion. I would happily carry your heartache – even if it meant I would hurt for a thousand years.

The reality is we all look in the mirror and pick out pieces we don’t like. We all have days where we are OK with this also.

Just know this: Someone out there, maybe me, thinks you are beautiful in your own way. Someone thinks that you can really do what you set your mind to and if you need support,  will be there for you.

That dream: Make it for yourself – I’d like to steal it and leave it for you in the night.

That good feeling: Feel it – I’d send it via care package if I could.

That smile: Let it warm you, my friend, or I will walk up and wrap my arms around you until you feel it.

Give a good friend a chance and they will support you but first give yourself the chance.  If you can dream it, give yourself a chance to chase it, just don’t let those daily struggles hold you back.