Serve What You Have

I am in the thick of the hard work.

It doesn’t feel like fun and I am already dreaming of my spare time back.

At 33 I have just started Uni. I am studying a Bachelor of Nutrition. I am still working full-time and my course sign-up had me a week behind leaving only 2 weeks of study before my first 2 exams, along with trying to figure out how this new world of education works.

But I am so very privileged. I have the desire to learn and ability to reach for any education I put my mind to. And so, I hesitate in my resistance. I create a new habit from the gratitude of this opportunity and come back with focus.

I serve what I have and right now I have an amazing opportunity here in this great place called Australia.

I have opportunity, discipline, focus, determination and dreams - and so I serve them. TaLisa #the100dayproject #instaquote #quotesofinstagram #quote #quotes #comeforth #100daysofsurrender #100daysofsensing #serve #gratitude #gifts #privilege #privileged


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