What Do You See?

walterreid (17 of 29)

What does the world really look like?

I cannot help but wonder what the one, true state of this environment we live in looks like.

I am fully aware I ‘see’ the world with my own set of rose-colored glasses, as you do yours. Filtered with my/your own experiences, judgments, perceptions, assumptions and expectations.

This makes the laughter of an older woman in a café remind me of my grandma and paints that moment of my life as cheerful and warm. But another who never knew his or her grandma may feel sad and filled with a sense of longing, or someone who is from a physically abusive family may be reminded of a smacking that left this person with bruises and now filled with a split second of fear. All from the same one moment, all filtered, all experiencing a different reality.

How beautiful it would be to lift the shades and see crystal clear, just see the world as it is, not as I want it to be.

I went to a 10-day meditation course once, quieting my mind, learning the tools to remove these expectations and thus my disappointment and heartache when my expectations were not met. Learning to accept reality as it is, not as I want it to be. A practice that takes a lifetime of daily work, but to take a little of that and try to see reality as it is, enjoy what I can and practice every day to not push my experiences into a false reality and possibly cause fear and sadness through disappointment.

Like everything in life, sift through and take the good, the happy, the helpful, the caring and the best you can from every situation. Learn what you need to know to look after yourself, to keep yourself safe, and let the rest blow away with the breeze.

Easier said than done, oh I know. But it is as good a practice as you can get, and what a better use of your time than dwelling on the disappointments.

See the world—clear, crystal, as it is—as much as you can. Try every day to cut through the bullshit and see the best, and you will get as close as you probably can in this lifetime to true, life-fulfilling happiness.

Photo by Jorunn Lorenzen