The Real You, The One We Have Been Waiting for


If only our bodies would marry the beauty inside them, it wouldn’t be so exhausting trying to love ourselves.

Christopher Poindexter

I want to sit in front of you and stare into your eyes.

I want to see you, really see you.

I want you to feel uneasy in my stare until you get to the stage where you can be you and unwind, as all those layers you put on to step out the door each day begin to float away. I want to see all the pieces you aren’t sure about, all the areas you feel could be improved, or need to be confined outside this space.

I want to see that sparkle in your eye that comes from a soul which stands tall and proud.

I want to feel your energy as it strengthens from the unshackling of chains.

I want to show you the beauty of every inch, inside and out of you. I want to hug goodbye and release the person that is edited by you every day, conforming to the shitty pressures of a fake society.

I want you to know you can be seen, that you can be heard and that part of you is better than the one that is curated each day. I want you to know that your laugh is not too loud, and that little snort that goes with it is just damn cute (insert your amazing little quick here).

I want you to know fires are made for fanning, for lighting up night skies, and are needed to pave the way for growth. They are not made for containment in glass jars upon a wick.

So as you sit and look at me, see my eyes and see into them, see the beauty in my energy, in my connection to my body and my connection to all the energies of this earth. I will do the same to you.

I can see such depths here in front of me through this page to your eye and into your soul. I see you. I feel you.

I see all of you. Every mistake you hide in fear, every stumble you have too quickly corrected yourself from, and all I can see in these moments is growth and strength.

You have suffered, and you have survived. You have taken some big hits down in those depths, I see them and I hug you with pride. I am so very proud of how you have stood so strong in such soul-crushing storms. You are amazing.

You are amazing.

I see it. I see you and you are someone I want to see more of, less of the person you squeeze down into society’s constricting box, more of this magnificent phoenix, please. 

I see you.

And it is time to rise.

There is a skin to shed. The time has come. Emerge.

It is time to rise, fly, burn, and in turn light the way for so many more souls trapped deep down. They need you. They need your guidance.

They need you.

I need you to bid your self-editing goodbye, the time has come.

It is time to rise.



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