The Process Towards a Simple Life


And I am still travelling.

I may always be and I’m ok with that. But getting to be ok with that doesn’t come overnight.

I have admired those with closets of 33 items and living spaces with only the essentials (that must be a dream to clean).

I have worked at a my more intentional, simple life now for a few years.

The process to a simple life is a journey of growth as you process the many thoughts and feelings these changes bring up in our hearts and souls.

If you too look across dreamily at the posts, pictures, Pinterest boards and Instagram snaps, of all the simplify they capture, please don’t be disheartened when you turn back to reality. It takes time to clean the mess advertising and falling out of alignment with our true selves brings us to.

The journey looks and feels different for everyone and it isn’t about a certain number of items or never having a messy drawer, and it isn’t about getting every outfit perfectly matched either.

It is about being open to come in, day by day and be reintroduced to you.

It is about being intentional, purposeful and doing what is you, not what is someone else’s, and that is just as much the length of the journey as it is the destination.


Today, let’s celebrate the mess of living.


The one that means we are putting our heart and soul into those we love in our life and that is worth leaving the floors without a mop another week.

Let’s be ok with where we are on our journey, and whilst we can go window shopping in the lives of others let’s not buy there.

Change is a beautiful slow burn. A flicker that takes fanning, a small fire that needs protecting and in doing so it will in fact light up and take flight.

May you enjoy the journey of your slow burn.



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