Pause and prepare

walterreid (29a of 29)

I pause and listen; listen to the unspoken.

I listen for the voice that guides my life.

For I have direction and motivation, but now, a space appears.

I know not to ignore. I have learned to pay attention to the guideposts in my life.

The voice I have learned to listen for in the quiet of this pause guides me.

The whisper takes my hand and guides me, sometimes forward when I feel I am bound by chains; in a moment, she takes my hand forward, telling me it is time to go. Other times, she turns me around and gently revisits a past moment, drowning me in it until I see the lesson. If I am ignorant, she allows the lesson to return, often more tartly than before, to ensure I learn, to ensure I taste it and remember with a sense and not just a memory.

I always come out softer, more grounded, wiser, and it allows me to take a step in ‘my’ life direction.

I listen for something which far from the volume of a voice.

All the people I have met, teach me.

All the mistakes I make propel me forward.

I have floundered, and I have fallen.

I have been ashamed and regret.

I have had to quiet my busy mind amidst the shouting of a relationship sinking and pick myself up after the knockdown of another change; when I was holding onto things, just about to calm – along comes the storm.

I try each day to remain open and prepared for a future which I work extremely hard to enable the slightest possibility of my dreams coming true.

I do allow the days when I just dwell in the mistakes, to come and go as I remind myself that they will pass, shortly I must get up, dust myself off and go again.

I take time out to allow myself to be human and hurt, but also to rest, so when the inspiration comes, I am ready, lessons learned, body and mind rested…and then I sprint. Yes, when inspiration finds me I, don’t run, I sprint.

The direction and path come to me in the pause. I am guided, I follow the clues, learn the lessons and then, forward I go.

Photo:  Jorunn Lorenzen