Who are you – Part 2/3 – Are you really happy or is your wheel of life giving you a bumpy ride?

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In Part One of this three part series on ‘Who are you’ I covered You. 

Once we have a better understanding of ourselves as individuals in our actions and reactions, it is, in my experience, helpful to then understand our satisfaction and happiness in the different areas of our life.

There are key areas of our life that contribute towards our overall happiness and well-being. They can be referred to as the spokes in our own wheel of life. If one of these areas is lacking in our happiness/satisfaction, it will create an uneven spoke and give us—for want of a better term—a bumpy ride.

One of the simplest ways to work through these areas of your life is to rate your personal satisfaction/happiness in each area listed below. A one to ten scale is a simple way of scoring this. There are no right or wrong answers as to what the wheel should look like. Just rate each area as to how satisfied you are in this area of your life (what defines that happiness and satisfaction for each person will look and feel different).

Draw a circle with eight spokes and mark on each spoke one through to ten. Then on each spoke rate one of the areas listed below. Once each spoke is marked with a rating for each of these areas, join the spokes around the circle and this will give you your ‘wheel’. Is your wheel round or bumpy? How bumpy? Can it still roll along or is one or more areas so vastly different from the others that it creates a ride that is almost unmanageable? Imagine the ride of this wheel as it rolls along. Is that how your life feels it is running?

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The areas of lower satisfaction will guide you where to start reflecting about what would make you feel more satisfied with your life. If you begin with two or three of these lower areas, you can begin to really make a difference as to how you feel about your life in an overall sense. It has been recommended that you should try to focus on no more than two to three areas at a time, as otherwise the focus is too diluted to be effective.

In thinking about what you can do to improve satisfaction in your life, you really need, as we covered in part one, to ask hard questions about that area of your life.

In addition to looking at what you can do to increase satisfaction, you should also consider what has, if anything, stood in your way? What are your roadblocks, for example time or money? But then put on your thinking cap and start brainstorming why these are roadblocks, and keep asking a lot of whys until you feel you have hit a root cause. Then put your entire problem solving skills into practice and start to work out a plan about what you can do to overcome this issue.

Don’t expect quick wins. This is your life and it can take a lifetime to achieve your dreams. But in dreaming big, remember to break it down into everyday actions so you can start to see the small actions gaining traction as you begin to align your course.

The key is to start small and start now.

It is easy to waste time and energy just ‘being’, by watching TV, reading trashy magazines or wandering the shops. But at the end of the day that won’t make us happy.

It is hard but satisfying to take action and focus our time. Yes, rest well and often, your body and mind, but all the while keep true to yourself and work towards your happiness because you deserve nothing less. But only you can work out what that means for you and only you can give that to yourself.

To finish this three part series on ‘you’, I will examine how we can take the goals and focus of our life into our everyday and how to withstand the constant influences which this time in history throws at us.

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