Serve What You Have

I am in the thick of the hard work.

It doesn’t feel like fun and I am already dreaming of my spare time back.

At 33 I have just started Uni. I am studying a Bachelor of Nutrition. I am still working full-time and my course sign-up had me a week behind leaving only 2 weeks of study before my first 2 exams, along with trying to figure out how this new world of education works.

But I am so very privileged. I have the desire to learn and ability to reach for any education I put my mind to. And so, I hesitate in my resistance. I create a new habit from the gratitude of this opportunity and come back with focus.

I serve what I have and right now I have an amazing opportunity here in this great place called Australia.

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The Process Towards a Simple Life


And I am still travelling.

I may always be and I’m ok with that. But getting to be ok with that doesn’t come overnight.

I have admired those with closets of 33 items and living spaces with only the essentials (that must be a dream to clean).

I have worked at a my more intentional, simple life now for a few years.

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The One is a Choice, Not a Destination – Here’s Why


‘Love is native to our being. When you are in love with a man or woman, the love you feel does not come from him or her; it is the love flowing from your own heart that you feel. Your partner is simply giving you an excuse to love.’

David Deida


Don’t Restrict Yourself to One – The Universe Hasn’t

I will be bold and state that I do not believe there is ‘the One’.

It was a romantic idea I liked for a long time but I soon stood back and took in the full view of the world.

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An ‘All Kill, No Fill’ Closet

0369993BB5The benefits of a minimal wardrobe have sat in my mind now for some time. They have followed me because I haven’t been able to execute it 100%.

My wardrobe isn’t large, but it isn’t simple either.

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Find Mindfulness Through Kindness


As we strive for calmer lives, to become less stressed through choosing mindful approaches, we in turn search for ways to help us on this journey.

It is a big change to our approach and often one that leaves us wondering where to begin.

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