I Must Work For My Calm


With my regular meditation practice, having read hundreds of self-help books, and similar topics studied, I hold myself in high expectations of managing most situations…

However, when another night passed where I went to sleep to the sound of my heart beating and awoke again at 3am for over an hour, mind racing, I knew it was getting the better of me.

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Does Minimalism Give You FOMO?

N7FUTW0RY5You like the idea of simple life.

A life with more peace and ease, but does the thought of minimalism bring up anxiety also?
Does it leave you struggling with the idea of:
– having less to wear
– less to do
– fewer commitments, …that make you feel busy…maybe because those commitments make you feel important.

But it isn’t’ about less,  it is about more.

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Challenge What You Think You Know


Science proves things, then disproves them.

Everything is changing.

Every cell in your body is turning over, recreating. 

Get curious.

Even when you think you know, listen to what they have to say and you will find the best personal growth teacher.

It doesn’t mean another will always be right but rigidity got no one anywhere.

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