10 Often Unexpected Areas Simplifying Your Life Covers 


Simplifying my life, whether you call it minimalism, intentional, focused, is all that and more, has brought me face-to-face with cleaning up more than just the furniture in my home.


Multi-tasking is a Mindfulness killer. Your commitments, how many and how they overlap comes into view when you start thinking about what has meaning in your life.  Taking on too much and trying to do a number of items at once reduces our ability to be present and mindful. It creates an unhealthy level of stress and takes away from our calm inner peace.
Pick one task, do it well, present with clarity and calm.
That person in front of you, put the phone away, cancel other overlapping commitments and sink into their company – you will never regret this.


Those in the form of nick-nacks, collections, sports equipment, jewellery, kitchenware, DVDs, just to name a few, also need review.


Are you someone that has a list of to-dos that continues to increase? Or do you sign up for multiple online courses and workshops without taking the time to implement the learnings, as I was/am still working on? Get real about what you can do, if all this extra noise isn’t directly in line with your higher purpose consider cutting it out, or putting it on a list and putting it to the side for 12 months whilst you test out actioning less and see how you feel. We only have so much time in our life and most of us want down time in there too, it is healthy, but we must create space for it.


How many social media apps do you have? Yet how many do you actually connect with or get something valuable from when you use them? Remove any that are only visited here and there when you a just killing time – you really don’t have enough of it to be killing it off.


Write up where to begin and chip away with focus. Keep it front of mind when you go to make that next purchase, or how much further all the pennies spent elsewhere could be adding up to a holiday.


When you communicate with more intent and compassion you find you speak less and therefore you hear more. Be present, listen to what they are really saying, what is underlying this dialogue rather than think about what to say next and see your relationships thrive.


There is a great challenge going around about avoiding any negative comment or complaint for a week. It is amazing how often we whinge. Give it a go, you will feel amazing at the end.


I have a passion for food and nutrition that has lead to studying a Bachelor of Nutrition. This was born of peeling back what didn’t serve me and when it came to food a lot of what I was consuming didn’t serve me. When I got to the heart of it I uncovered a real passion in understanding what nourishes me and supports my peak mental and physical performance with longevity in mind.  Whilst my interest will be more involved than most, it is a truly enjoyable ritual to return to – cooking. Learning new wholesome food that you can cook with your family or alone, that leaves you feeling light and energised has been one of the best changes. And what hasn’t worked out has been some of the funniest times my partner and I still laugh about. Zucchini Noodle Spaghetti Bolagianse and Cauliflower Fried Rice have become two new stables and household favourites for all.


I travelled to Cambodia with a backpack. I 3 outfits and just the basics, and loved it. I didn’t miss anything at all. Having less and using less along the way made for a wonderfully light across country trip. Living a minimalist life prepared me perfectly for a holiday that became about the people and place I was visiting.


When you get home from your trip, don’t let the sorting of your photos be a project that gets pushed to the side. Get the photos printed, delete the duplicates and lower quality photos and really enjoy the reflection this brings in the weeks preceding. Digital detoxing might not be as visible, but it feels just as great to tackle as well.


Find more tips and info on simplifying your life in my book: Five Bedrooms to Five Boxes; A Guide to Living Simply with Purpose.

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