Emotional Minimalism

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I have downsized, packed, flown 2,800 kilometres and now, after a good six weeks of living out of a suitcase, I have unpacked in a place I can call home.

I faced my fears and the things that had scared me. It scared me to think I would be so far away from my family and all that I had known. It scared me to remove those safety nets. It scared me to isolate myself until I made new friends. And, when I landed in the midst of this new environment the night of my arrival, I had a good old cry.

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Lessons in Time

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 I have heard that everyone you meet will teach you something, and I believe this with my whole heart.

We are all so quick to form our own opinions of the actions taken by others. We are also quick—given half the chance—to share and expect our recommendations to be followed. Here we are with barely a glimpse of the whole situation, yet we feel that ‘our’ recommendation is the best solution.

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Find Yourself

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There are times in our lives when what was seemed so strong suddenly crumbles.

We look around and the very ground we stand on begins to disappear beneath our feet.

After such an event, you might wonder where you have been all those preceding years, asking yourself, “Was I really present as myself, or just following along?” We can become so disengaged and distracted with just being, and subsequently grow deaf, or even mute, towards the world within us.

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A Minimalist?

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While continually downsizing my collection of items, I realized I was following a trend known as minimalism.

I have come across this hot topic of keeping life simple numerous times in the last few months. It is about getting rid of physical items to make room and time for more meaningful ventures, things like spending more time with family and friends and making dreams happen.

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Kick Start

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I was always telling myself to focus on quality over quantity, to increase savings, to reduce impulse buying, to only go near the shops when I actually needed something, and to wait 24 hours before buying something if I thought I needed it.

I rarely succeeded at meeting these goals until recently, but I am changing these behaviours, and I am doing it a lot quicker than I expected considering these are such lifelong habits.

For the first time in my life, I have stopped ‘wandering the shops’, I have seen my savings grow, and I have talked myself out of impulse buys on the spot; I am living with less and enjoying life more.

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