Our Magnetic Energy

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Photo by Jorunn Lorenzen

When flicking through books at a local bookstore, I picked up one that described the breakdown of our very being. Our genetic make-up, beyond organs and tissue, beyond cells and atoms, is a series of vibrating waves, called quantum.

Quantum is a series of peaks and troughs, a constant wave of ups and downs.  Our genetic make-up is a balance of up and down, positive and negative.

This scientific fact is hard to comprehend.  I ponder this balance at our core and wonder how much of this, the positive and negative, the up and down, is also the unavoidable balance of other areas of our life.

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A Million Dollar View

alleyway (77 of 98)Photo by Jorunn Lorenzen

Check out is in an hour. I have just spent two nights in the most amazing house with eight other people, only one of whom I had met before.

As the weekend went on, we discussed how owning such a house would feel. It really felt like Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous with a full glass side of the house overlooking the ocean, a heated Jacuzzi for eight, heated floors, a full library and games room, and an amazing fireplace area, which I am learning isn’t that special for Tasmania, but only six weeks in from sunny Queensland, it’s a novelty to me.

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The power you hold

alleyway (3a of 98)Photo by Jorunn Lorenzen

We can love so strong we would die for another, an emotion that overrides our basic instincts.

We have the power to change the lives of others, animals, and the structure of the plant we reside on.

We can run ahead of the opposition or stop and help those who have fallen.

We can choose to do all or nothing with this power in ourselves.

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Somedays I Struggle

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Sometimes I feel a healthy weight, and sometimes I pinch the less desirable chubby areas.

Sometimes I love beam my smile, and sometimes I get hung up on the sound of my voice.

Sometimes I love being me, and sometimes, ashamedly, whilst I wouldn’t change, I wince at parts of me.

I am me. You are you. We all love and struggle with ourselves.

Our internal dance.

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