London Grammar

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I downloaded London Grammar’s first Album, If You Wait, about 10 months ago. I couldn’t stop listening to it.

I know with new music, I do give it some good repeat airplay, but this length of time and amount of repeating surprised me.

At first, I found favourites in the songs “Hey Now” and “Wasting My Young Years”. This then shifted to “Shyer” and “Strong” and, most recently, to “Metal & Dust”. But “Interlude” has been a particular favourite all along.

So what is it about this music for me?

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What Do You See?

walterreid (17 of 29)

What does the world really look like?

I cannot help but wonder what the one, true state of this environment we live in looks like.

I am fully aware I ‘see’ the world with my own set of rose-colored glasses, as you do yours. Filtered with my/your own experiences, judgments, perceptions, assumptions and expectations.

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Everyday Blessings

sport (23a of 38)

I am just starting to come to again. I have had one of the worst flus of my life for the past three days. It felt like I was drunk, to the point of nausea and dizziness, I had the sweats and all my muscles felt like sinking lead balloons.

Today, I am back to just feeling like a standard flu feels, a bit hazy and sniffley, though I feel like a million dollars compared to the last few days.

But I know I still need to listen to my body and give it the nutrients and rest it needs to finishing fighting the battle.

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Come Dance

house (17 of 21)

New Year’s Eve 2013, I was at the Star Bar, Darling Harbor, with a new friend of a few months and couple of friends of a few days.  We were all different ages, and sat at a table with 3 older couples that were all friends also.

It was truly a treat.  We had all splashed out and bought tickets to this evening of fresh seafood and champagne in a room with elegant table settings, a wide dance floor and a glass wall overlooking the Harbor, men were in suits and women in their best dresses and fine jewellery.

We introduced ourselves to the others at our table, but talked more amongst our own group of friends at first.

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Long Distance Lessons

alleyway (87 of 98)

Two of my closest friends are in happy, committed and seriously long-distance relationships.

I have watched with fascination over the past year how they make this work with such distance between them.

I am the kind of person who loves touch, one-on-one time and dates in a relationship, so I cannot help but wonder what they are getting to replace these experiences and what the distance offers in return.

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