Come Dance

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New Year’s Eve 2013, I was at the Star Bar, Darling Harbor, with a new friend of a few months and couple of friends of a few days.  We were all different ages, and sat at a table with 3 older couples that were all friends also.

It was truly a treat.  We had all splashed out and bought tickets to this evening of fresh seafood and champagne in a room with elegant table settings, a wide dance floor and a glass wall overlooking the Harbor, men were in suits and women in their best dresses and fine jewellery.

We introduced ourselves to the others at our table, but talked more amongst our own group of friends at first.

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Long Distance Lessons

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Two of my closest friends are in happy, committed and seriously long-distance relationships.

I have watched with fascination over the past year how they make this work with such distance between them.

I am the kind of person who loves touch, one-on-one time and dates in a relationship, so I cannot help but wonder what they are getting to replace these experiences and what the distance offers in return.

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The 31 Most Important Lessons of My 31 Years


In no particular order

  1. You will die. Sounds so dramatic but it is the surest things in your life. Understand and be fully aware that all you ever really have is this moment. There will be a day when the world is less you. You need to accept this and use it as motivation to say and act on what is in your heart with regard to love, forgiveness, encouragement and support.

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Pushing Boundaries

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I sympathize with the mother of the screaming two year old. I don’t have the blessing of being a mother yet, but I don’t dare give her a hard time at a time when it is obviously hard enough. It always saddens me when people scold her for the child’s behaviour, and I wonder how well these nosey asses behaved when they were in their terrible twos.

I know that despite parents’ best efforts, there will be tantrums, screams and howling cries as the boundaries are pushed. It’s part of the learning process. Growing up, we push our parents, their rules, the requirements of our first jobs and our stamina. Our subconscious is trained into behaviours based on the reactions we get in pushing the boundaries of those around us.

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A Happiness List

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What speaks directly to your heart? What makes you smile or laugh out aloud?

Have you ever made a happiness list to see, on paper, what sings to you? I highly recommend it. I have done it on my own and with various friends.

What turns up on these lists (I will leave a brief list of mine at the end)? I have yet to see anyone listing a car, a new shirt, a piece of furniture, or a jet ski. What people list are things you cannot buy; the items can be summed up as experiences, including time with friends and family.

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