My Book Collection: Guilty Pleasures and Life Lessons



…that were an investment of my time through either a personal growth to the pleasure of the invite into another world – listed with the latest read at the top.

The Fire Starter Sessions – Danielle LaPorte

The Desire Map – Danielle LaPorte

So I am still reading these at present but couldn’t leave them off the list. They are great guide books for us to turn inwards as to what we project outwards. I think personally I am more into The Desire Map but both were an investment of my time.

Light is the New Black – Rebecca Campbell

I got so much out of this book, it came to me at just the right time and shone light on some corners of my life I was struggling with. I am never sure what to expect with these type of books but this one was a beautiful guiding light for me. I have since bought and gifted two copies of this book to fellow light workers.


The Breakthrough Experience – John F. DeMartini

This is a more formal version of awakening you to your true self. It is full of inspiring, thought provoking material. I highly recommend this one for anyone looking to take his or her personal development to the next level.


Everything that Remains – The Minimalists

A bit slow to begin with but this book provided a bit more detail on the minimalist approach to life. How to better understand what we hold in true value as we strip all our distractions away. When everything is gone, everything remains.


The Crossroads of Should and Must – Elle Luna

Elle looks at removing all our ‘should dos’ in life and how we can keep our focus on the ‘must dos’. This book is a visual learners delight with a wonderful fill of hand painted pieces, it is simple and to the point in a fun way.


Women Who Run With The Wolves – Clarissa Pinkola Estes

This book is a big read but is it worth it. This book taught me lessons of life so valuable it felt like it partially raised me. Anyone would get something truly amazing out of this book, I highly recommend it to anyone and I will definitely be reading it again.


How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be – Jack Canfield

This book was gifted to me by a great friend who noted it as their go to book in life. It is to the point if you like a bit more of the reality check approach.


The Motivation Manifesto – Brendon Burchard

Another great check point style book in making your visions a reality. It gives you some great food for thought in manifesting your dreams.


Show your Work Austin Kleon

Steal Like an Artist – Austin Kleon

Great stuff for any creative person – I loved these two books and have bought them as gifts for others. If you have ever felt a little unsure of putting your work or even just yourself out there, pick up these little treats.


Lullabies – Lang Leav

Love and Misadventure – Lang Leav

This is how I like my poetry. These are just so perfectly written. I adore this woman’s work. The books are great to pick up and enjoy with a single piece or to immerse yourself in the whole thing.


The Five Love Languages (The Heart of) – Gary Chapman

I somehow managed to buy  the pocket version here and haven’t yet got to the full version but this is such important stuff for everyone to understand. It will help you better express yourself and support others in your life, especially your significant other. A must for any couple to understand.


Nikki Gemmell

The Bride Stripped Bare – Nikki Gemmell (guilty pleasure)

I Take You – Nikki Gemmell (guilty pleasure)

With My Body – Nikki Gemmell (guilty pleasure)

Pleasure, an almanac for the heart – Nikki Gemmell (life notes)

Shiver – Nikki Gemmell (a tale of a love story in Antartica)

Honestly, notes on life – Nikki Gemmell (a collection of printed articles)

Nikki is one of my favorite authors and her books are often guilty pleasures. She writes with a rawness and openness I just adore. Her books are about about life, love, pleasure and wonderfully describe this amazing land of Australia.


; – bx 

A quirky little poetry book for those that have known and lost love.


I wrote this for you – pleasefindthis

Another quirky take on poetry with a bit of an edge.


Memoirs of a Geisha – Arthur Golden

Such a beautiful invitation into another world. I loved the book and film equally and love the experience of this story.


The Time Traveler’s Wife – Audrey Niffenegger

I adore this story. This is one where the film version is my preference but the book was still enjoyable. It explores how we work through impacts to our relationships with love in our heart.


Girl with a Pearl Earring – Tracy Chevalier

A great weekend read, easily read. This story takes you to another time with a simple, yet inviting beauty to it.


The Notebook – Nicholas Sparks

A story of love overcoming life’s obstacles with two very relatable characters.


The Silver Crown – Robert O’Brien

This is my childhood favorite; a story with a twist that takes you on a mysterious adventure.


  1. Mandi July 30, 2015

    Ahhh The Desire Map! How beautiful is that book? I love it so much.
    So many great books I haven’t read. I’m going to have to look them up.

    The Notebook had me balling chapters before the end and same with The Time Traveler’s Wife…ah so much love in that.

    Thanks for some extra books to look at xx

  2. Nichola August 2, 2015

    Love a book recommendation, a few gems here to add to my collection. Thanks so much for sharing! xx

  3. TaLisa August 3, 2015

    No problem, Nichola. I would love to hear if you check any out and what you think. Enjoy.


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