Does Minimalism Give You FOMO?

N7FUTW0RY5You like the idea of simple life.

A life with more peace and ease, but does the thought of minimalism bring up anxiety also?
Does it leave you struggling with the idea of:
– having less to wear
– less to do
– fewer commitments, …that make you feel busy…maybe because those commitments make you feel important.

But it isn’t’ about less,  it is about more.


I am missing out on unfulfilling shopping trips and enjoying MORE bushwalks.

I am less stressed and MORE calm.

I am less tired and MORE energised.

I have fewer commitments so I can really enjoy the ones I keep.

I have fewer distractions that enables me to have MORE soul callings speaking to me.

I have less busyness and MORE intuition guiding me.

Less to wear is less choice and less indecisiveness, both are energy zappers right at the start of your day. I now have MORE energy for a wholesome breakfast and time to enjoying the morning.

I have taken small steps towards a simple life over and over again as each one brings me so much MORE that fulfils me.

Consider what the new space in your life will give you. Consider what new adventure awaits.

Consider what you have gained instead.

Less really is MORE.