The Majority Isn’t Always Right

Q812YCBZ1XThat is where the trailblazers leave the rest in the dust.

That is how new trends begin.

It is how that one idea suddenly takes over the world.

When they go left whilst everyone else looks right.

When the world is low, they reach high.

It is why no contrary advice should deter you.

It is the fresh look, the new approach that showers the world in hope, in something more, in all we dare to dream of and strive for.

There is a time to put your hand up nervously, when you think you cannot be right, it cannot be that easy, wondering why you are the only one getting it. Push it through, push up – REACH.

It’s your time to shine. But only you can put your hand up.  Only you can take that shaky nervous step forward.

It’s your time to know, at a gut level, the majority isn’t always right, and this time, you are.