There is magic here, in this very moment


There is magic here, in this very moment.

There is a little magic in this moment as I breathe in the fresh cool air kissed by the snow-topped mountain.

A little magic in the warmth of clothes fresh out of the dryer amongst the cold day that surrounds me.

There is a little magic in this moment alone, a moment where a little loneliness finds me but from which a poetry book saves me, inspires me.

There is something special about making that first cup of coffee on a Saturday morning, dozy after a sleep in, taking it out onto the verandah and sipping it as the fresh faced sun dances on my skin.

There is a little magic in a simple goodnight thought sent late.

A little magic in the pain of distance, the learning, the yearning, and the awareness it creates of emotion in my life.

A little magic in the pain love loves to cause me – how aware it makes me.

There is something so special in having you share this moment with me, you alone in your space now as you read this, me alone in mine as I write – and we now share that – you and me, and now this moment we have, so intimate yet so distant – my wonder in that.

A little magic in enjoying my lunch, feeling full, satisfied – that cold fizzy drink that follows – yum!

A hug between friends.

In my sadness.

In my strength.

In striving, in failing – especially in failing.

The green light, but I am learning to like the RED – the forced pause, the gift of a moment to just sit and observe – the beauty we forget that moment holds – you can put so much beauty in a red light.  Use it to think of a sweet memory, how someone looked so peaceful sleeping beside you, that roll around with your dog in the afternoon, or make a connection with the person in the car with you, change the channel to find a song you can sing to – or are you so lucky you can lean over and kiss someone with that beautiful little moment – magic.

There is a little magic all around us – don’t just look for it – make it.

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