I Live With Less to Gain More

IMG_9682I live with less to gain time, more peace, more meaning.

I gain sanity, happiness and energy from having less to choose from (clothes, processed food, commitments).

I don’t own a TV, haven’t for a few years now and gain time for reading, talking with loved ones and more enjoyment from an evening at the movies.

In giving up processed foods and I have gained a simple cooking routine with whole foods that give me nourishment .

I gained fitness when I gave up owning a car for 18 months as I walked around town.

I gave up perceiving my happiness was tied to material possessions and empty shopping ventures and found it was actually in the outdoors and conversations with friends that truely fulfilled me.

I find my happiness in the extra stretch I reach in a yoga pose, in holding his hand and being buried in his arms.

I find happiness in a passing dog as he joyfully wags his tail, in the weather, rain, hail or shine, how it all makes me smile.

In having the time to pause and come in.

I have given up on surface level happiness and I am diving into the depths of soul nourishment.

This journey has taught me that trying to dive into those depths tied to all the distractions of the ‘nice to haves’ is like a flotation device that prevents us reaching down to the depths of what really matters.

There is no room for nice to haves, it all has to be heart bursting, my days are just not long enough for anything else.

And so, I simply live with less to gain more.


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