I Sit Back, In Awe of Your Tough Times


I see you.

Sitting there, confused, almost numb to your pain.

Unsure where to turn, what decision to make, how to face the day.

But you will. My dear soul, you will. You will find the strength like you have every other day, to just be. The strength that sits in you, mostly unknown to yourself – oh such strength.

Even if you just wake up and get a cup of tea to sit with today, that is enough.

I ask no more of you at this time. I respect your acknowledgement to sit with this, but also understand the days you try to move on without it. The need to just try to have a normal day amongst the pain of such an unexpected direction in your life.

I wrap my wings around you on the days you fight it. Oh how you fight it so bravely, this fork in your road that you feel holds no choice for you, but it does.

I see you sit there at the intersection all day, numb to it. Then as you get past the working hours, have completed your errands and begin to drive home, then, and only then, when the responsibilities of the day have melted, when you have lost something else to focus on I see it break you as you sit in your car and drive with tears streaming down your face, sometimes pulling over because the road has blurred completely.

You are so brave and you can barely see it.  The absolute magnitude of power in your keeping on going. You feel weak but show such strength to battle on.

The days pass, and you breathe a little easier oh so slowly but you get there. Weeks pass, months and you are starting to see again. You see the reasons, the lessons, and you begin to see the two paths. But you are so wise you only see one. You only see the one you can really choose. The other truly not an option, you cannot stay in what has come to a head like this.

I know that tears you in two – the realisation of it all, but I am here, I am holding you in your strength and guiding, always guiding you to what is best for you.

You look to the sky in disbelief at the decision you must work through. The fear in this, the pain, that unbelievable arrival of the first step on this new path. My angelic heart breaks seeing you like this and I send you all the love I can to move forward. And you do, my dear child, you are so brave, you muster all your strength and you rise.

You do what is best despite the accusations, despite the losses, despite those sitting and judging, unknowing; you know regardless of all this that you have done the right thing, it matters not if no one else knows, because your heart knows and that is enough.

The absolute beauty is the grace you take in your stride as you move. You don’t enter into gossip, you don’t make anyone else less, you hold love and care for all, even those that unknowingly arose this pain. You, the beautiful being you are, move forward leaving a quiet closing behind, still friends to those with good hearts, knowing which to keep up appearances with, knowing which to close the door with.

You have done it. You have moved, and whilst the pain will sit for years to come I am ever so proud you are my human to watch over.

You are brave, you are strong and you get through amazingly painful things in this life with a peacefulness I am ever in awe of.



Your Angel.


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