How Does This Serve Me?


I have asked myself this question many times lately.

I have become quite well practiced at asking it of the physical items in my life in the last few years, particularly when I reduced my possessions to five boxes and a suitcase twelve months ago, but recently a cleansing process has taken over in all the areas of my life.

I have looked at every output I have, and every input I receive and consciously worked out how I can best work with or walk away from each one.

I have looked at Facebook groups and notifications, and have completely reshaped the feeds I get. Now, rather than receiving a spam of posts unrelated to my life, I only get notices from close friends and family, from groups that are particularly relevant to me and what I am interested in. Without all the irrelevant items, I receive information in a timely fashion, which allows me to get back to living.

I have looked at how I am spending my time, and after yet another awful hangover early in the year, I woke up and realized alcohol and I really don’t get along so well. I consciously changed my living habits to cut down my drinking to a drink or two every other week.

This has allowed me to spend more time outdoors, bushwalking and seeing new things, and indoors, applying my efforts to activities that serve me, like finishing the first draft of my book.

Through this process, I have created more space to dive into loving the things I truly love, giving where I can to help and motivate, and allowing myself to get the nutrients out of life I need to reach my highest potential.

This process has led me to pick up things I had dropped in my early adult years, when I was less focused on the external have-tos and shoulds of our era, and I am seeing parts of my true self surface again.

I know I have a long way to go to be the kind, caring, present person I truly seek to be, but I am on the right path.

I can say, though, it hasn’t been easy. I have stood face-to-face with the pain of life and gained an understanding that some things are just part and parcel of the experience, and you cannot mask, dull or remove the pain of them; they must just be lived through. Knowing all I can do is soften myself to the pain has helped. Removing the aversion and accepting the place of pain, hurt and sorrow in my life has allowed me not to focus on it but rather to move with it, not be halted by it.

I am working on how I can best serve you; how my writing and gifts can continue to evolve further. I expect you will see that come to fruition over the next few months with a new website and a book soon to be with the publishers.

I am looking at how I can share with you all the knowledge, skills and experience I have gained through living and constantly researching life – what formats will serve me and my strengths in delivering this knowledge into the world I am asking myself.

So as I wrap up this post and pack my bags for a long-awaited trip with my beautiful mother to China and Japan (which will put a bit over a month between posts), I will ask many more deep questions of myself. I am ever so grateful that my journey has come at this time as I know that, for me, travel rockets deep inward thinking and enables me to really find my best place of serving.

If you are interested, I certainly recommend taking the time to make a few tweaks in your life, physically and mentally, and to ensure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck with how you spend your priceless time on the ever-encroaching social media.

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