Find Mindfulness Through Kindness


As we strive for calmer lives, to become less stressed through choosing mindful approaches, we in turn search for ways to help us on this journey.

It is a big change to our approach and often one that leaves us wondering where to begin.

The key is kindness.

That single word causes and inspires pause and presence. It brings about a mindful approach naturally.

Kindness is a tool we can use to cut to the core of mindfulness and it can be used in every circumstance by anyone.

When we react impulsively we lose ourselves a little. The presence in the moment is lost and we make decisions out of line with our commitments to our self and our goals. We often get caught up in an emotion and find ourselves saying things we wish we had worded a little differently, or not given voice to at all.  In everyday actions we can make excuses all too easily to ourselves and against our desired intention. We give in to the instant gratifications that often pull us away from longer term goals.

When we choose the intention of kindness we naturally pause. We find an approach of love, care and understanding. We seek to understand and respect what is going on with the other. We naturally become mindful of them, the situation and our environment.  We choose to keep the positive energy in flow and in turn allow space to be in the moment, mindful of what is actually happening and who we are.

Even in only our own company, we can use kindness to turn inwards, away from the pulls of the external environment. We can choose to be kind to ourselves and our longer term focus. Be kind, acknowledge the struggle, then focus on your strength.

Kindness brings us in to our centre and back to our authentic self.



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