How to Decide if a Simple Life is For You

XO8V7U7YMJFor many, there is a fear that arises when they think of living a simple life.

Maybe it is because there will be less to distract you.

Is there something you have been running from or afraid to come face to face with?

For me, this was a reality. I was running. But minimalism actually gave me something to run to, something different from the past that hinted at a future I desired.

As I peeled away the excess I discovered I wanted to get far away from a life-shattering break-up. And if I hadn’t met the most amazing person who held my hand and helped me face those fears head on, I would have let the fear take me much further – careers in Antartica suddenly had a huge appeal.

Instead, I stood strong in the storm.
I did tremble. My legs shook with energy that begged me to run hard and fast.

Instead, I looked dead into the eye of the storm and began to learn. I began to do the inner work I was avoiding. I began to acknowledge my less than admirable traits I needed to work on. I cried and shuddered, but from the ashes, I began rising.

It was the start of a journey, that began in 2014 when I left a 5 bedroom house with only 5 boxes. It is a journey of living a simple, intentional, peacefully energised that will continue for the rest of my days.

The journey of coming in, I have found brings a peace and stillness I had searched unknowingly for. It is fulfilling. It brings out my best self.

Stepping into a simple life isn’t just about throwing away a few things.
It isn’t about buying less.
It is about removing all the noise (physical and mental), to allow you to find that fulfilment, however, it is to be fulfilled for you.

It is the most challenging, yet the most rewarding personal journey you will ever take up.

I can only encourage you.

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If you would like guidance on your journey I can coach you through that, one-on-one.

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