Float by Loosening Your Grip

We panic and grip tighter.

Try to control the situation even more.

Push for an answer.

We demand a response.

Imagine your are in water. You cannot swim. You are paniced, throwing your arms around and kicking violently.

If you only realised you could stop struggling and instead float.


You open your hand and in your palm a small pile of sand is placed. Hand held open, the sand remainds. But you want to make sure you don’t loose any so you tighten your grip and it all slips through your fingers – if you only you’d have kept it open.

Release your control on the ways of the world and let what is yours naturally flow to you and what is not float on by.

When you are feeling vulnerable and scared – you will find that the struggles in life often are moved through with ease moreso when you can stop trying to control and allow what will be to be, and if not, take care of yourself and move on.

Afraid fo the space that a move on may leave – only new dreams and wild adventures and come if there is room for them.







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Allowing the Evolution


I am here.

But tomorrow I will be somewhere else, someone else.

I will evolve.

I will evolve as a person in looks, in how I think, how I feel, in the work I do.

I don’t know what that will look like.

I don’t know what that will feel like.

But to step into my evolution I must allow it and release all else.

I mustn’t restrict the changes that bubble up within.

I mustn’t fear the unknown of this future rising.

I mustn’t doubt my inner call and guidance.

And I must NOT shy from the work it calls me to do to get there.

I am all I need to be – I need do nothing but take the action that calls me.


It isn’t what I do – it is who I am.


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Photo:  Jorunn Lorenzen

Rejecting Superwoman – No, I don’t want to do it all

In a day and age when we can do anything and everything we are encouraged to.

We are encouraged to have the education, get a great job, become a mum, go to all the soccer practices, don’t miss a moment in person, captured on video, study some more, stay fit, get out and travel.

We go out and fight for equality, make a stand for what is right in an effort to hold the world together as the caring culture falls apart at the seams, then we come home only to continue leading, holding our selves to account to have a home of care and encouragement as this is the right thing to do and so it must go on our list of required, behaviours and leadership traits in every waking moment.

Oh, and did you fit in there the spiritual retreat, and hire your PT to ensure you remain your best throughout all this and continue chasing your dreams in your spare time.

Well, I think all that noise can piss off – I don’t want it.

Now, I am not saying we shouldn’t make a stand or do or not do any of these examples.


But what needs to be said is that trying to do all this is exhausting, wearing us down and stunting our joy.



The joy that comes from the freedom to explore and chase curiosities – or even have nothing to chase.

The joy from an unplanned day.

The joy in spaces of time and place.

The joy from not having a to-do list that you didn’t get all ticked off so you don’t have the guilt of not getting it all done despite what you did get done.

Sure, I can do it all, but I don’t want to.


I want the downtime created by handing over the reigns and maybe not having the most nutritious meal.

I just want to have a Saturday with nothing on so I can fill it with sleeping in, eating breakfast slowly then sip my coffee in the morning sun – with absolutely no pressure.

I want the space in my life to be able to uncoil from all the stress, expectations and demands of the world, and the ones I put on myself.

I don’t want to do it all.

I want to do a couple great things but that is more than enough because I also want space to play and time to ponder.

I acknowledge that my growth, my life and the best future for me will come when I allow it the space to, rather than demand it to with tasks and lists.


It is great to know I can do whatever I want – but I don’t want to do it all.


I think Superwoman is a great role model for all we can do – but she is better left on the screen for I acknowledge only superhuman powers will enable you to do it all and not break.

And so, with the summer ahead I clear my obligations. I release the reigns and I am sinking into the backseat of life for a while, enjoying the view out the window and letting the warm breeze flow through my hair.


A Little Coaching Session

The change of seasons brings about a desire to also shed parts of ourselves and an even bigger desire to step into that space we dreaming of seeing ourselves in.

For some of us that space is about:

  • carrying a sense of peace and presence throughout the day,
  • for others it is finding a way to stick to the health/diet change, some will have a dream that they haven’t been quite able to find the pieces that make it all come to life,
  • some are working at their new business but find they cannot quite picture the longer term direction,
  • and some cannot even put their finger on what that feeling is.

I do the work on this once to twice a year for myself and my business where I immerse myself in my own coaching skills and work through, from the unknowing, clarifying and further refining until BAM – I have my next six months to a year clear and right in front of me for my next step to be taken into.

Whilst it is a little difficult to run through a coaching session with you without your answers, I do have a little self-reflection set of questions that provide some key insights if you really sit with them and let the answer unfold. A neat trick I like to use is to ponder the question before bed and then let my subconscious work on it over the night to a few days.  I find the answer emerges in time or that when I revisit the question a new angle comes to into my conscious mind.

These questions each stand alone. Working on all of them all at once will create a bit of a cloudy mix of emotion inside. Instead pick a key one or two at a time to sit with (paired off for you):

What/where are you currently hiding?
What are you losing sight of?

What support do you need right now? How can you get it/ask for it?
What shouldn’t you tolerate, but maybe do? Why?

I really miss…
I want to create …

An answer I am waiting for is…
When I am the situation of … I feel out of alignment with my true self.

What am I escaping…
I am not quite ready to deal with …

My body is craving …
My soul is craving…

It is deep work to come face to face with spaces of ourself we have lost touch with over the chaos of everyday life.  It is amazing of you to take the time to really get back in touch with yourself.

If you are looking to go deep and clarify, check out the Coaching Page for more info.




How Balance in Life is About Boxes


The science shows how multitasking isn’t really a thing. Our brains switch quickly from one task to another, yet we are never simultaneously thinking about two separate things at the exact same moment.

So it doesn’t make sense to try to live like we are able to multitask.

Leading a more balanced life isn’t about having two items on the same scale and weighing them equally. It is about only having one item on the scale and allowing it to weigh in fully.


I describe this with the metaphor of boxes. Think of all the important areas of your life, like work, family, personal goals, etc, each as their own box. In the ‘family box’ are all the activities that are required for a good, healthy family life.

The key is only having one box open at a time to play in fully and recognising you need to carefully put the lid on one box and store it before pulling out and opening the next.


This mental act of putting the box away signifies the space between, also termed the ‘third space’ by Dr Adam Fraser. It is the space between two different tasks/areas of your life, where you reset yourself. In this space between you release all that was going on with the first box, into that box and close the lid. Then ready to be fully present you can open your next box.

I have found and have coached people in using this tool which has proved extremely helpful in stressful situations.  When working on the stressful item, open the box and be fully in that box working on the task to effectively work through it, but when it is time to put it away pack it up fully so you don’t take it with you into other areas of your life.


Another consideration is how often each box is coming out. 

It isn’t healthy to spend most of your time in the ‘online world box’ and only short amounts in the ‘sleep box’. Nor can you spend all your time in the ‘work box’ and little in the ‘family box’.

But special projects do come along in life and one box may be out more often than the others for a while. As long as it is balanced in the long run this is healthy.  For example, you may have a large work or personal project you are pouring yourself into for a couple months. But in doing so you know you will dedicate more time to the family later such as scheduling a vacation.


To be mindful, present and find more simplicity in these crazy times:

Keep one box open at a time.

Mentally put away the box before opening the next.

Ensure over the medium to longer term all boxes are opened regularly.



P.S. If you want a ‘social media box’ have one but don’t take it to dinner with you and open it at the table.

Rejection Creates Freedom

Deep in the pit of our heart sits fear of rejection, neatly tucked behind fear of not being enough.

The times we have experienced it.

The fear of refacing it.

That deeply burrowed seed of not being enough.

We convince ourself of perceived rejection, blowing someone else’s fear and rejection – their reactions of hurt – we take and make our own. A cycle arising from not being in touch with what sits behind our fear and so continue the lash out cycle rather than find a way to say what catches in our throat, but doesn’t make it past the lips.

Mostly because we don’t dare acknowledge it.  The fear arises from our heart and our head rejects it, creating anger, rage, frustration, stress as a more tolerable way of letting the energy of it out.

When it arises could we seek to clarify rather than assume?
We often don’t out of fear of true rejection, despite the low chances. We would rather take all the assumed rejection rather than the true 5%. Crazy that we allow our fear to pull in feelings of rejection 95% of the time just because we won’t get out of our own way.

And that 5%. It’s not really there either. That 5% that we did seek to clarify is only someone else’s ideal. It isn’t who we are. But again we give away the power to stand firmly grounded in the truth of doing the best we can, acknowledging all our good intentions. We give away that most precious part of ourselves every day of our life.

You know – we don’t have to accept criticism. We don’t have to take it in.

I struggle with how difficult it is daily to truly live in the spotlight of my magnificent worth.

I know my heart wants so much good for me, sees it in others and strives for it in the world.

If only the doubt monsters didn’t create a daily struggle that pulls on my attention. They are death by a thousand cuts, always nipping at our heels, like the bit of dog shit we cannot quite scrape off, that disgusting smell that lingers.

But, I am practising at having the tough conversations.  I am asking why and all I am finding are reasons that have nothing to do with me, and everything buried in another’s fear of rejection.

And the best bit, rather than be another channel that reinforces their hurt, by asking and clarifying I can give support and love.

Where darkness shadows take a light, not a bat. See what is truly there instead of fighting imagined demons.

Your strength to do so is in the truth of all that is amazing in you-you know it’s there.

Please, join me, let your amazingness come shining out of you, bright enough to help light the darkness of another.

Let’s take a light, not a bat and bring love where there is hurt.



Photo by Lesley B. Juarez on Unsplash

Life IS About Feeling Unsure, Uncertain and Afraid

Let’s embrace the reality.

We are unsure.

We are afraid.

Most of us don’t have a single defining purpose, and that is what is real and true.

I am asked what I want to be still at 34 years of age like each change is supposed to be heading my ‘life/career/hobbies’ in a specific direction.

For me, life does have other plans and rather than get frustrated when my initial direction takes a turn I have learnt more wisely to enjoy the ride. These unexpected turns have led to some of life’s biggest joys and breakthroughs.

The breakdown of a dream is hard, stagnation sucks and mistakes are embarrassing, but they are also a part of life.

The life flow I have learnt to be ok with has included years of feeling lost, sometimes career wise, sometimes personally, sometimes in every single area of life. There have been times where I feel like I have gone backwards and some, where I have felt held down.

It is extremely hard when you’re left without an answer or direction.

Whilst it is hard, I now practice surrender. I am learning to ride the wave of it without letting nausea take over, knowing the feeling of being a lost ship does result in turning up on a beach somewhere but that never feels soon enough in the storm.

There is a lot of noise about pushing yourself to be, to do, to define it all and I am over that noise. Turn it off!

I wrote about how sometimes no answer is THE answer, read about it here.

I have learnt that being held down is still leading me somewhere – time will go on and the sun will rise again. The last lull forced me to come back in and find a pause. To be okay with the stillness and uncertainty in direction. And oddly enough only when I found a settled space in myself and surrendered to being there did the new direction appear – it was a

The last lull forced me to come back in and find a pause. To be okay with the stillness and uncertainty in direction. And oddly enough only when I found a settled space in myself and surrendered to being there did the new direction appear – this most recent voyage spanned two long 2 years.

Let’s more wisely recognise that life is all about cycles. Sometimes we will be uncertain, sometimes we will fall, get stuck and not know what it is all about or for.

And that is so very okay.




Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

Endings are not the Point

One of my favourite philosophers Jason Silva muses in this capture of awe about the impermanence of love.

I see this hesitation, deliberation, almost a reason not to – at the impermanence of things by many in this world yet it has me baffled.

Baffled because it is all so very impermanent. Because impermanence is all there is.

Life is impermanent yet we live it anyway.

The rollercoaster is impermanent, we ride it anyway.

Love can definitely be impermanent but it comes with the opportunity to experience our greatest natural intoxication of bliss, connection and joy.

We go to sleep to rest and restore, only to get up and wear out, rinse, repeat.

I don’t stay in bed all day thinking, how impermanent the moment may be so why bother? What an odd contemplation.

For me, impermanence is the fuel, not the extinguisher.

I know I have limited time so yes I will love with every fibre of my being. And yes I have lost love and had my heart broken. Am I bitter, turned off or hesitant to love again pondering the point – no way. I don’t have that kind of time to spare in this one precious life. Afterall, the grieving and heartbreak following a break-up will last long enough. Once I have recovered and am ready I want to experience again.

Everything in life is a cycle. There will always be an up and always a down.  There is a coming together and moving apart, sometimes this means endings, sometimes it just signals a new cycle within a larger one.

At the end of the day, life is about living it. Losing yourself in it. Going in so deep the bigger picture is a blur around the edges.

The only things we will regret are the unknowns, what we didn’t try to know what the outcome was.

So yes I love again, live again, have good days, bad days, progress and stagnate – I respect it is all part of this wonderful, magnificent journey and invite you to dive in too.

Ponder, but then blur the edges of the big picture and go in deep. I’ll see you at the surface again in due course but you have to see what is down there for yourself.

Photo by Felix Russell-Saw on Unsplash

The Space Between Pursuing Everything and Pursuing Nothing

I find most people are in one of two categories. They are either trying to do everything or nothing much.

There is no right or wrong.

There is no big life rule that says you must push yourself to achieve all you can possibly achieve, nor is there any rule that says you must spend your down time as just that and nothing else.

Yet, we guilt ourselves no matter our situation.

Those chillin cats savouring the fruits of their laborious working hours with slow walks, a good TV series and a number of well read books are watching the busy bees pondering if they should also be striving to achieve in their downtime.

For the busy bees, there is guilt in not achieving enough, fast enough or successfully enough with the flipside guilt they are not getting enough downtime, whilst asking them self, ‘What is the most productive way to have downtime?’

I am a busy bee and I do look on a little enviously at the relaxing downtime of those chillin cats. But I acknowledge I cannot sit still for long periods of time. My ideas would swell inside until I burst.

Just a someone who enjoys their unscheduled downtime should definitely dive into that guilt free.

I appreciate the calm and steadiness someone who can chill brings into my life. I need them. They balance me. Just like I need other busy bees to buzz around with sometimes.

There is no doubt the chilling cats need a buzzer to sometimes pull them along. But they also need times with other chillin cats to be at ease without having to discuss what to do, how to do it or where to go.

The key is losing the guilt and finding your unique flow into one, the other and the spaces in between as it works for you.

It is important to check in with yourself to make sure you are ok; you are not running yourself ragged, nor are you letting life’s dreams float on by.

All in all, being the person you are is the perfect way to be.

There is no guilt in being who you are; a busy bee or a chillin cat – just be you.


Photo:  Jorunn Lorenzen

Minimal Living Beyond Possessions


I didn’t just want less stuff.

In fact at my core, embarking on minimalism was about ‘things’ the least.

I had just come out of a very rough patch in life, my heart was broken and my so called life-direction had blown away in the hurricane that followed. I hadn’t been truly in touch with who I was for a good decade and as a result I had no idea what I, as just ‘me’, now wanted out of life.

When I moved on with only essentials I was unconsciously peeling back the layers of the life that had just been dismantled in an effort to try to find ‘me’.

‘Me’  wasn’t something I could tap into easily, or in any short timeframe.  I realised I had to allow the process that time gifts, reveal more of me, one piece at a time.

In the moments of change that left my legs collapsed beneath me, down there on the ground I began to uncover the girl I was once; independent, creative and full of wonder. My joy in being, my excitement for the world and all its people had been tossed aside over the years which I realised was one of my most fulfilling expressions.

The weight that lifted from freeing myself from commitments and possessions provided the opportunity to start exploring how to live the life I had only dreamed of.

The most amazing discovery was that it was only a little bit of readjusting away.


We get caught up in what a dream life is. We think it is shooting for the stars and dismiss going for it, when in fact, if we sit down and map it out, it is often just a few short tweeks away.


Living intentionally cost me what I thought was hard to give up, but in fact I learnt I was yearning to give up the mindless shop wandering, an overflowing, complicated wardrobe, confusion in self-fulfilment, a bad diet, an unhealthy lifestyle, no time for self development, and the debt that comes with wanting more, rather than appreciating more.

I wanted  peace.

I wanted simplicity.

I wanted days of intention and focus, where peaceful energy flowed.

And, I got all of these and more in return for just making the room for them to arrive.


It has been a long journey and I now know it will be a lifelong one. For as we grow and change, so I now know to come back to centre often and check in.

I do stumble, I make mistakes, take wrong turns but I have learnt to make my peace, learn the lesson and forgive myself.

I know in my heart I have a deep love for all others and the fact that I know that is enough.

I didn’t get here overnight and to stay here I continually readjust. There isn’t a destination, intentional living is a journey for me.



I tell myself it is a journey into the heart of all I could ever hope for – I may get dreams coming true, I may not – but I know fulfilment is in the trying.



Thanks for being here with me.


If this journey interests you, you can read about if further in my book: Five Bedrooms to Five Boxes, Living Simply with Purpose.

9 Tips to Simplify Stuff


Reduce rather than reorganise.

Only purchase to replace.

Go home and evaluate what you have got and where you will place it, consider how you will use it and check nothing else could do the job.

Keep clear bench tops and tables, this will help you remain in check about putting everything away and bring about a really enjoyable spacious feeling.

Do a little each day. Clean up one draw, one counter whenever you have 5 minutes spare. Don’t consider where to start, just start with what is closest.

Distance reduces the emotion. If you haven’t used it in 6 months and still cannot bear to part with it, pack it away for a few months and then revisit it.

Forget sales/bargains. Only buy what is on the shopping list. A $1 spent on a $2 item is still a $1 spent and those add up – and double in value when placed on debt.

Crowd out excess shopping with a new intentional hobby.

Consider with intention your TV time, particularly if you have multiple TVs in your home. Redirecting this time also reduces your exposure to commercials which impact our buying significantly.

Instead of trying to stop doing what you don’t want to – crowd it out with more of what you do want to – focus there and arrive.



Remove Scarcity Fears & Specialise


Why You Must Remove Scarcity Fears & Specialise

We want to serve all.

But pleasing everyone pleases no one. And, choosing an area of specialisation brings up some deep fears.

It leaves us wondering – if we choose one specific area, is that type of client even out there? – if we choose someone specifically, are we loosing all out on other clients?  – if we choose this, does it mean losing out on that?

We need to give up on being a generalist to find our tribe.

If we look at offering something for everyone we get lost in a sea of others doing the same.

We have to hone in on someone specific to stand out and get noticed.

One voice amongst thousands is always going to be drowned out.

Yet the voice with a key single message, whilst aimed at a small target, when it hits that target audience it will hit them hard and generate a true client, someone who is all ears and all yours.

You must focus on the capture of only one heart. Then you can capture another, and in your own timing, you generate a tribe of true clients.

I have seen thousands of profitable businesses start this way.

They pick an area of focus and they hone their message. Because the message has a specific target, someone who needs to hear their specific message feels it was crafted just for them.

Once you have built up slowly, but organically and your tribe is well formed, they have got to know you as a person, only then is it time to relax the reigns and allow a bit more ‘generalism’ creep in.

Once you have true fans then they want to hear all of what you have to share, and only then when you have built trust from solving a key problem for them.

Then you can branch out – build up strong and then reach far.

Being general is safe and safe is mediocre – only in baring all to your truth in a key message will work in this noisy world.

Pick your message and sing it.


Need help picking it – I can coach you through that – email me at senseofyou@hotmail.com


Powerfully Present with Peace


Being in each moment as it arises.

Not letting the anxiety of the situation take over.

Relaxing into and fully focused on each task as it arises, completing it wholly.

Eliminating all the distractions – because really missing out on facebook or Instagram for a day, week or even a month makes absolutely no difference.

If we want the world to show up for us – we must show it we are ready by leading – the way – powerfully present with peace.

I will show up and sink in.



How Would Life Be Better With Less


The idea that ‘less is more’ is nothing new.

Leonardo da Vinci was quoted as noting ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.’

Yet in a life bombarded daily with advertisements that great minds develop in a way to convince us how unhappy we are without their goods, it is no wonder we have folded to the idea that we need to acquire to feel fulfilled.

The idea of realigning ourselves to what is meaningful can feel like an overwhelmingly large task. A task often put off when we catch a glimpse of the vast valley of despair that has crept in, on top of just not knowing where to start.

I tackled it by chipping away at it over the years and now manage it in maintenance mode, inspired to do so by revisiting what a life with less gives me in return.

A life with less for me isn’t about an empty bench top or a purposeful wardrobe, rather it is about what I can do in a life that is intentional, focused and purposeful.

Once I experienced the fulfilment that flooded into the space left by materialistic concern there was no turning back.

The time has created space for me to write books, become a hiker (later this year I am booked into hike Base Camp of Mt. Everest), I have started UNI and all just by using my spare time, outside my full-time working hours, intentionally.

The fulfilment I have gained from replacing mindless TV watching and shopping with reading, learning, more time with friends and family has the heart and soul of my life dancing on air – so much so there is no consideration of ever wanting to accumulate more of anything, from an object to a commitment.

Becuase once you start filling life with meaningful activities you see your true potential and you suddenly realise you can have it all.


Simplicity – Forget Clean Spaces and Focus on Why


We are hearing more and more about minimalism, simplicity, intentionalism and sparking joy.

We think of clean desks, spacious rooms, and simple designs – and sadly in doing so we miss the point.

The true meaning for me is one of just that – meaning. I am clear that what doesn’t have a real purpose, hold a key value or meaning in my life, instead detracts from life.

Clutter isn’t fun. Spending more hours than necessary at work to buy things we don’t really need isn’t fun. Having to then work more to afford to rent space for this surplus stuff, even less fun.

If we get clear on what we need, not be so caught up in the want, we can live a little more.

I don’t want to spend hours working out what to wear.

I don’t want to spend hours having to clean and maintain stuff I don’t really need.

I don’t want to work beyond the years I must to set up a good life for myself. And that want will only be met by living a life acquiring only what I need and removing all that I don’t.



The Warrior’s Way


Our modern journey carries fragments of our warrior life from long ago.  From the times around a fire, spent celebrating through to the moments where we are alone on a dark, cold night, where the spirit that refuses to sink scratches to our surface and the strength of the world grows into our wings.

When we listen to the earth we remember the ways of the wise one.

That when the battle arises we stand strong.

When we are weary we rest and allow the healers to dress our wounds.

We sense when the battle isn’t ours and turn away.

We protect our hearts, our young and what our family stands for.

We pass on our wisdom giving it strength through sharing, never keeping wisdom a secret.

We know right from wrong and make a stand for justice.

We make personal sacrifices to stay true.

We do the hard work.

We work with the earth and honour the wisdom it brings to aid us on our journey.

We are free and wild yet peacefully focused.

We rise above.

We set clear boundaries and respect those of others.

We don’t settle for anything less than what our heart deserves – we know our worth.

We don’t get caught up in gifting meaning to objects.

We return home when it calls.

We make the kill nature requires of us to survive but also know when to cower.

We reflect on life to learn and grow.

We honour our strengths and respect our weaknesses.

We shine our light for all to see their way and protect it from those with darkness in their eyes.

We are upfront with the reality and do not play into fantasies.

We respect the journey given to us.

We howl at the moon when it calls.

We hibernate when winter knocks.

We are born anew for the spring when it signals our time.

We are fierce yet generous.

We honour the practice.

We let the lost battle soften and cleanse us, as we shed layers of times gone by.

We forgive our human ways and forgive those of others.

The temptations of the world are in our conscious yet we don’t feed them.

We ask ourselves the deeper question and respect our deep emotions.

An ear is always within – intuition is our greatest source of wisdom.

We respect our body but know we are more.

‘I am of this earth, I know I am of all. I seek the moon to remind me that I am you and you are me, and so I remember to bring my open heart always. I know my inner warrior is strongest open, holding a space for love, creating a trail of truth and honour through the power of surrendering to the journey through the wisdom of all that guides whilst embracing the ancient wisdom, always.’


Tweet it out…

The Key is on the Path


The Key is on the Path

That answer you seek,

…the revelation you pray for ,

…the easing of suffering you wait for,

…it won’t come hoping you might be ready.

You have to begin the journey – give evidence you are ready.

Then along your journey it will unfold.

You will figure it out along the way and not a moment before.

The key is on the path.





The Only Diet to Ever Concern Yourself With


As a studying nutritionist, you could say I take a keen interest in food.

I have tried, researched and read clinical trials conducted on various diets, and sometimes (rarely) even uncover a key takeaway I build into my daily routine.

I have learnt a thing or two about big corporations who have paid for ‘medical studies’ that provide consumers misleading information which in turn is just about selling a product. The low-fat era of the past was a big one of these – yes I choose full-fat dairy and eat lots of natural fats.

I have listened to my body and adjusted my diet, not so much in a diet sense where it is about short term dress size, but rather, eating for a lifestyle of energy, health, mental sharpness and inner calm.

But if I was to give a broad piece of advice on diets, it wouldn’t be about the food at all.

Whilst yes, you should eat more real food, grown locally where possible with the least amount of chemical and human intervention, there is a key piece of advice that comes before all of this.

It is to eat in a mindful, present, relaxed state.


Eating in a way that you listen to how your meal talks to your body, noticing how you feel during and after.


In a way where you actually just sit and eat, not read, not surf the net.

Eat in a way where you are eating when hungry, stopping when full.

Eating in a time and space created for eating.

Eating where you taste the flavour explosions each bite fills your mouth with.

Eating and understanding how the meal unfolds in your stomach, how that feels as energy, lightness and happiness – because all are impacted.

Eating at the best time for you, not right before bed.

Eating in honour of what upsets or causes allergy or bloating in you. Understanding the message your body delivers through discomfort and thanking your body for talking with you so you can deliver to it what is right for your individual being.

Eating for a healthy life as a whole, not a rushed taste of sweetness.

Eating is a pleasurable act, one that warrants space, and calm.

If food enters our body when we are rushed and full of stress, the required enzymes may not be properly secreted for digestion, and the full nourishment of the meal may not be obtained by your body.

We need to tell our body, by the way we approach the very act of eating, it is safe, calm and peaceful, and therefore it is ok to fully digest and take nourishment from this meal.



Practice today sending it a calm message, that says it is safe to focus on self-nourishment from this meal and feel the change inside and out.



If you are struggling and would like to work with me reach out by emailing me at senseofyou@hotmail.com for one of my summer coaching places just made available whilst I am on UNI break from studying a Degree in Nutrition.

You have to let it in to let it out. Bury it and watch the physical symptoms appear from the trapped emotion. It's very natural to be upset that it didn't work out. Don't build a house in the sorrow but go in and come out lighter, inspired, wiser. TaLisa www.senseofyou.com #lifequote #inspired #seeanew #lookwithfresheyes #liftthecurtain #quote #quotes #quoteoftheday #instaquote #letitout #feelittohealit #sorrow #sad #oktobesad #tearsarenormal #painisnatural #brokenheart #heartache #pheonix #rise #risesisterrise

The more I learn about NUTRITION, the more I learn it is less about what we eat. We all have a pretty good idea of what we should eat, therefore, at its core, health is best focused on WHY WE MAKE THE FOOD CHOICES we do. . Interested in some life changing, eye opening, inspiration provoking coaching - email senseofyou@hotmail.com. TaLisa www.senseofyou.com #bestlife #instaquote #quoteoftheday #quotes #quote #success #failure #challenge #goforit #youvegotthis #inspired #inspiration #coaching #coach #lifecoach #energy #words #riseabove #happiness #joy #minimalism #minimalist #simplicity #intentional #productivity #mentor #peace #talisa83 #senseofyou

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Bigger Isn’t Better, Slower Is

We have recognised the unsustainable speed at which we have sped up our daily lives.

Meditation and mindfulness, once only for the hippies, is now a mainstream activity, here is an article on why it is so important for us all and how to find a practice for you.

Yet we struggle to let go. We struggle to find the time. We struggle to move at a normal pace, which now  feels slow.

After an extremely busy month where extra work commitments clashed with UNI exams and finding a new home, I began loosing sleep and found myself so tightly wound up and I couldn’t relax. I was walking fast, talking fast and listening to my heart beat fast in my ear as I lay awake in bed, more on that here.

But, like everything is in life, it was impermanent and passed.

I am still reflecting on this experience and how I can help myself during periods of high stress, but have put in place what I know, and added going slow.

I walk to work and often rush down the hill, but I decided to stroll at a more relaxed pace. I was surprised to find that I arrived in the same time watching those race past me, meet me at the next set of traffic lights.

I took the slow movement into the day and noticed my head follows suit, that instead of racing away with various thoughts, whilst this still occurs, more and more I am finding amongst the rush, I am more present, calm and in turn, more focused.

I am now eating slow, going to sleep slow, dressing slow – all at a pace that once wasn’t really slow at all.

I am loving how slow is making me more mindful as it holds me in the moment.



The funny part is, slowing down is making me more productive.

When I am present and intentional I am able to focus in and get the job done extremely well.

When study is my slow movement I am taking more in, retaining, learning, remembering.

With my partner, slow, well I will leave that to your imagination but again obviously it benefits.

There is nothing about becoming slower in my day-to-day that I don’t love.

I can only encourage you to reflect and consider if slower is also better for you too?

What can you do slowly today Even just begin with slowing down your walking pace.


Latest Guest Article: How to drive employee productivity in just 10 minutes of wellness a day

10 Often Unexpected Areas Simplifying Your Life Covers 


Simplifying my life, whether you call it minimalism, intentional, focused, is all that and more, has brought me face-to-face with cleaning up more than just the furniture in my home.


Multi-tasking is a Mindfulness killer. Your commitments, how many and how they overlap comes into view when you start thinking about what has meaning in your life.  Taking on too much and trying to do a number of items at once reduces our ability to be present and mindful. It creates an unhealthy level of stress and takes away from our calm inner peace.
Pick one task, do it well, present with clarity and calm.
That person in front of you, put the phone away, cancel other overlapping commitments and sink into their company – you will never regret this.


Those in the form of nick-nacks, collections, sports equipment, jewellery, kitchenware, DVDs, just to name a few, also need review.


Are you someone that has a list of to-dos that continues to increase? Or do you sign up for multiple online courses and workshops without taking the time to implement the learnings, as I was/am still working on? Get real about what you can do, if all this extra noise isn’t directly in line with your higher purpose consider cutting it out, or putting it on a list and putting it to the side for 12 months whilst you test out actioning less and see how you feel. We only have so much time in our life and most of us want down time in there too, it is healthy, but we must create space for it.


How many social media apps do you have? Yet how many do you actually connect with or get something valuable from when you use them? Remove any that are only visited here and there when you a just killing time – you really don’t have enough of it to be killing it off.


Write up where to begin and chip away with focus. Keep it front of mind when you go to make that next purchase, or how much further all the pennies spent elsewhere could be adding up to a holiday.


When you communicate with more intent and compassion you find you speak less and therefore you hear more. Be present, listen to what they are really saying, what is underlying this dialogue rather than think about what to say next and see your relationships thrive.


There is a great challenge going around about avoiding any negative comment or complaint for a week. It is amazing how often we whinge. Give it a go, you will feel amazing at the end.


I have a passion for food and nutrition that has lead to studying a Bachelor of Nutrition. This was born of peeling back what didn’t serve me and when it came to food a lot of what I was consuming didn’t serve me. When I got to the heart of it I uncovered a real passion in understanding what nourishes me and supports my peak mental and physical performance with longevity in mind.  Whilst my interest will be more involved than most, it is a truly enjoyable ritual to return to – cooking. Learning new wholesome food that you can cook with your family or alone, that leaves you feeling light and energised has been one of the best changes. And what hasn’t worked out has been some of the funniest times my partner and I still laugh about. Zucchini Noodle Spaghetti Bolagianse and Cauliflower Fried Rice have become two new stables and household favourites for all.


I travelled to Cambodia with a backpack. I 3 outfits and just the basics, and loved it. I didn’t miss anything at all. Having less and using less along the way made for a wonderfully light across country trip. Living a minimalist life prepared me perfectly for a holiday that became about the people and place I was visiting.


When you get home from your trip, don’t let the sorting of your photos be a project that gets pushed to the side. Get the photos printed, delete the duplicates and lower quality photos and really enjoy the reflection this brings in the weeks preceding. Digital detoxing might not be as visible, but it feels just as great to tackle as well.


Find more tips and info on simplifying your life in my book: Five Bedrooms to Five Boxes; A Guide to Living Simply with Purpose.

I Must Work For My Calm


With my regular meditation practice, having read hundreds of self-help books, and similar topics studied, I hold myself in high expectations of managing most situations…

However, when another night passed where I went to sleep to the sound of my heart beating and awoke again at 3am for over an hour, mind racing, I knew it was getting the better of me.

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Does Minimalism Give You FOMO?

N7FUTW0RY5You like the idea of simple life.

A life with more peace and ease, but does the thought of minimalism bring up anxiety also?
Does it leave you struggling with the idea of:
– having less to wear
– less to do
– fewer commitments, …that make you feel busy…maybe because those commitments make you feel important.

But it isn’t’ about less,  it is about more.

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I Live With Less to Gain More

IMG_9682I live with less to gain time, more peace, more meaning.

I gain sanity, happiness and energy from having less to choose from (clothes, processed food, commitments).

The Process Towards a Simple Life


And I am still travelling.

I may always be and I’m ok with that. But getting to be ok with that doesn’t come overnight.

I have admired those with closets of 33 items and living spaces with only the essentials (that must be a dream to clean).

I have worked at a my more intentional, simple life now for a few years.

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The One is a Choice, Not a Destination – Here’s Why


‘Love is native to our being. When you are in love with a man or woman, the love you feel does not come from him or her; it is the love flowing from your own heart that you feel. Your partner is simply giving you an excuse to love.’

David Deida


Don’t Restrict Yourself to One – The Universe Hasn’t

I will be bold and state that I do not believe there is ‘the One’.

It was a romantic idea I liked for a long time but I soon stood back and took in the full view of the world.

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An ‘All Kill, No Fill’ Closet

0369993BB5The benefits of a minimal wardrobe have sat in my mind now for some time. They have followed me because I haven’t been able to execute it 100%.

My wardrobe isn’t large, but it isn’t simple either.

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Find Mindfulness Through Kindness


As we strive for calmer lives, to become less stressed through choosing mindful approaches, we in turn search for ways to help us on this journey.

It is a big change to our approach and often one that leaves us wondering where to begin.

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Meditation and Mindfulness; What is the Difference, How Do I, and Why Should I?


Having sat for over 140 hours of formal meditation over two separate courses and being a regular at-home meditator, I often get asked, how to, what to, and why?

The initial struggle to get into meditation will usually arise from trying to push yourself into the wrong type of meditation for you.

The good news is it can be done in as little as five or ten minutes a day through a range of activities, from formal Vipassana sittings through to the now popular colouring book sitting.

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Quotes – 21 of the Best


What I collect is beautiful words. Words that inspire, motivate and sing themselves off the page, from poetry, to beautiful stories to quotes.

To share some of these quotes with you here here are 21 of my most loved:

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Recognise Your Inner Demons and Banish Those Bastards


We are magnificent, awe inspiring creatures like no other animal alive.
Yet there comes a time when we might not feel ‘enough.’ Not good enough, smart enough, talented enough, etc.

It plagues our deep, dark corners.

Often it isn’t just a passing thought, we buy in and believe these devils on our soul’s shoulder.

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How Your Failings Will Often Guide You

DeathtoStock_NotStock10My weakest subject at school was English.

I essentially failed all high school English to the point where I checked out of standard English class and into the easier version titled English Communication.

I started high-school with classes such as Economics and Legal Studies, but within a few months I had swapped to Arts and Drama, and proceeded to enjoy who I was rather than what I thought I should be.

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8 Reasons to Celebrate Your Birthday


It took me 33 years to get back to celebrating my Birthday.

As I post this today, on my 33rd Birthday I am genuinely excited that today is my day.
Prior to this, the last birthday I looked forward to in pure celebration was probably around my late teens or early twenties. I can barely remember, probably as I was already down playing it.

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Treat Yourself Right and the World Will Follow

walterreid (5a of 29)

You are enough; and not too much.

Every lover that tells you, you are too much is telling you ‘I’m not for you’. He/she is asking you to take the challenge of stepping up and that means stepping out. This partner is telling you it is time to choose yourself. The universe is providing you this lesson so you can learn to choose you, and that can be to step away, to bow out, to love and let go.

Every partner that doesn’t listen to you or doesn’t make you a priority in their life is telling you it is time to grow in strength in yourself and that means walking away from what doesn’t serve you.

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Let Your Heart Be Broken


He took his love away because he saw the destruction in it, in my life, like a boulder gravity pulls down the hill clearing all trees and bushes in its way.

The other took his love away with force and fear. I watched it disappear in my rear view mirror and sung along at the top of my lungs to drown out the pull of that which reduced my strength.

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How I Sink Into and Rise Out of the Tough Times


I know I must feel it to heal it.

I allow myself to sink into the sadness – this is hard – and I notice I do try to fight it before I even realize I am. Once I observe my resistance I can begin focusing on surrender.

I find I do better when I accept the reality of the feeling, I let it wash over me, through me, and I sink into it. I feel it.

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The Net Won’t Always Appear – But Sometimes it Does


My Most Recent Jump into the Abyss, S#!t Scared but so ‘Effin Happy

What a ride!

What a rush.

What a way to live.

I have made the awesome habit of finding things that scare me and I lean into them. It has been the best thing I have begun to regularly do for myself.

It started with turning to a life of simplicity by reducing a five-bedroom house of possessions into only five boxes of essential items to move three thousand kilometers with.

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Routine Kills Time and Maybe You Are Not Fine: Why Shaking Up Your Day Makes Way For a Longer Life


What causes time to feel like it has disappeared?

How can I hack time to slow down and give me back that self-fulfilment I experienced as a child?

Another month or a whole year? Then you ponder ‘what was it I did for myself last year?’

Yay it’s Friday again, another week has whizzed by, woohoo!

Ah bugger, it is Monday again – already!

I recognize this can happen all to easily. So much so I have made a point of exploring how to slow down time. What I have uncovered is that routine is the usual suspect here.

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The Instinctual Wisdom of Our Inner Child

FH96QKLWO9 My 32-year-old self has decided she needs to step out of the driver’s seat.

She does a pretty amazing job but I need a different style of guidance at this moment.

It isn’t guidance that needs too much conscious thought.

Sometimes, guidance just needs to be instinctual.

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My Book Collection: Guilty Pleasures and Life Lessons



…that were an investment of my time through either a personal growth to the pleasure of the invite into another world – listed with the latest read at the top.

The Fire Starter Sessions – Danielle LaPorte

The Desire Map – Danielle LaPorte

So I am still reading these at present but couldn’t leave them off the list. They are great guide books for us to turn inwards as to what we project outwards. I think personally I am more into The Desire Map but both were an investment of my time.

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We are Waking Up to Self Love and Acts of Kindness


There is a wonderful movement underway, one of kindness, caring and sharing.

One that shouldn’t need a movement, but if we are going to raise awareness and have that awareness gain traction this is certainly a subject that deserves it.

There can never be too much kindness in the world.

I think it is just ace the way the world is now empowering us to love ourselves, to stand strong and proud in who we are and what is right for us, and take that power to do good for others, encouraging the same in them.

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Choose Inspiration over Jealousy


Why are we always so quick to tear each other down?

Everyone you meet is doing the best they can.

Everyone you meet has an internal fight of some sort.

Everyone you meet has a story, a piece that hurts, a fear.

We are all on this same human journey; doing our best to carefully navigate through all the sharp edges of the world.

We all have something we are struggling with.

So then, why wouldn’t we rally together and help out one of our sisters/brothers of this world.

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Three Days, Thirty Hours of Meditation


It feels like I have been away months.

Like one of those holidays that changes you. You see things, learn things and you return different.

I am in that space.

I have changed.

I have accepted that which was weighing me down and now feel like the shackles have been removed.

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Sometimes No Answer is THE Answer

garden (15 of 26)

There are unanswered questions that burn through my mind.

They circle like hawks over my daily routines always just…there. I can look up at them and focus my attention, or look away and keep moving as the questions circle. My journey wonders what answer these circling questions seek and sometimes I search for it. I look for rocks to overturn on these desert plains in hope that something will scurry out and grab their attention, allowing them to dive down and snatch it up like a fresh kill for a hungry predator.

But nothing seems to grab their attention and after a while I just go back to getting on, leaving them hovering.

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If Your Nerves Deny You, Deny Your Nerves

IMG_3674The nerves are beginning to appear.

With the final edit of my book drawing to a close and the design process beginning, I am starting to grow a little nervous. I have put my heart and soul into a book I am about to release to the world for all to read and judge, as human nature prompts us to do.

I faced the same fear when I began my blogging journey. I was beyond anxious and often had to push myself to hit the publish button before my inner dialogue got into another debate.

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