The Key is on the Path


The Key is on the Path

That answer you seek,

…the revelation you pray for ,

…the easing of suffering you wait for,

…it won’t come hoping you might be ready.

You have to begin the journey – give evidence you are ready.

Then along your journey it will unfold.

You will figure it out along the way and not a moment before.

The key is on the path.





Challenge What You Think You Know


Science proves things, then disproves them.

Everything is changing.

Every cell in your body is turning over, recreating. 

Get curious.

Even when you think you know, listen to what they have to say and you will find the best personal growth teacher.

It doesn’t mean another will always be right but rigidity got no one anywhere.

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10 Steps to Start Living More Simply


1. Challenge yourself to use what you have over acquisition.

2. Politely decline anything you can and get real about the ‘need’ to say yes – is it really necessary?

3. Understand it is a habit and addiction to consume and remain busy – it is also a choice.

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Be Here; Now

Presence is power – peaceful power that carries humility.

The power of it eats restlessness and drinks anxiety when sat with, meditated on…presence.

It is the power in the great breeze that moves tree tops – the calmness in the majestic nature of that and you being there with it, in that moment of surrender.

It manifests things when you come into the here and now. It gives you a space to take real, tangible action.

Great energies of this world guide us in that moment, but can only do so when you create the space for it. 

Your power is here. It isn’t in tomorrow, or yesterday, not in the wishes, the wants, ‘haven’t yet got’ or branded materials that shine.

That true bright light you seek comes through in the now.

Be here with me – right now.

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Serve What You Have

I am in the thick of the hard work.

It doesn’t feel like fun and I am already dreaming of my spare time back.

At 33 I have just started Uni. I am studying a Bachelor of Nutrition. I am still working full-time and my course sign-up had me a week behind leaving only 2 weeks of study before my first 2 exams, along with trying to figure out how this new world of education works.

But I am so very privileged. I have the desire to learn and ability to reach for any education I put my mind to. And so, I hesitate in my resistance. I create a new habit from the gratitude of this opportunity and come back with focus.

I serve what I have and right now I have an amazing opportunity here in this great place called Australia.

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