The Warrior’s Way


Our modern journey carries fragments of our warrior life from long ago.  From the times around a fire, spent celebrating through to the moments where we are alone on a dark, cold night, where the spirit that refuses to sink scratches to our surface and the strength of the world grows into our wings.

When we listen to the earth we remember the ways of the wise one.

That when the battle arises we stand strong.

When we are weary we rest and allow the healers to dress our wounds.

We sense when the battle isn’t ours and turn away.

We protect our hearts, our young and what our family stands for.

We pass on our wisdom giving it strength through sharing, never keeping wisdom a secret.

We know right from wrong and make a stand for justice.

We make personal sacrifices to stay true.

We do the hard work.

We work with the earth and honour the wisdom it brings to aid us on our journey.

We are free and wild yet peacefully focused.

We rise above.

We set clear boundaries and respect those of others.

We don’t settle for anything less than what our heart deserves – we know our worth.

We don’t get caught up in gifting meaning to objects.

We return home when it calls.

We make the kill nature requires of us to survive but also know when to cower.

We reflect on life to learn and grow.

We honour our strengths and respect our weaknesses.

We shine our light for all to see their way and protect it from those with darkness in their eyes.

We are upfront with the reality and do not play into fantasies.

We respect the journey given to us.

We howl at the moon when it calls.

We hibernate when winter knocks.

We are born anew for the spring when it signals our time.

We are fierce yet generous.

We honour the practice.

We let the lost battle soften and cleanse us, as we shed layers of times gone by.

We forgive our human ways and forgive those of others.

The temptations of the world are in our conscious yet we don’t feed them.

We ask ourselves the deeper question and respect our deep emotions.

An ear is always within – intuition is our greatest source of wisdom.

We respect our body but know we are more.

‘I am of this earth, I know I am of all. I seek the moon to remind me that I am you and you are me, and so I remember to bring my open heart always. I know my inner warrior is strongest open, holding a space for love, creating a trail of truth and honour through the power of surrendering to the journey through the wisdom of all that guides whilst embracing the ancient wisdom, always.’


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Bigger Isn’t Better, Slower Is

We have recognised the unsustainable speed at which we have sped up our daily lives.

Meditation and mindfulness, once only for the hippies, is now a mainstream activity, here is an article on why it is so important for us all and how to find a practice for you.

Yet we struggle to let go. We struggle to find the time. We struggle to move at a normal pace, which now  feels slow.

After an extremely busy month where extra work commitments clashed with UNI exams and finding a new home, I began loosing sleep and found myself so tightly wound up and I couldn’t relax. I was walking fast, talking fast and listening to my heart beat fast in my ear as I lay awake in bed, more on that here.

But, like everything is in life, it was impermanent and passed.

I am still reflecting on this experience and how I can help myself during periods of high stress, but have put in place what I know, and added going slow.

I walk to work and often rush down the hill, but I decided to stroll at a more relaxed pace. I was surprised to find that I arrived in the same time watching those race past me, meet me at the next set of traffic lights.

I took the slow movement into the day and noticed my head follows suit, that instead of racing away with various thoughts, whilst this still occurs, more and more I am finding amongst the rush, I am more present, calm and in turn, more focused.

I am now eating slow, going to sleep slow, dressing slow – all at a pace that once wasn’t really slow at all.

I am loving how slow is making me more mindful as it holds me in the moment.



The funny part is, slowing down is making me more productive.

When I am present and intentional I am able to focus in and get the job done extremely well.

When study is my slow movement I am taking more in, retaining, learning, remembering.

With my partner, slow, well I will leave that to your imagination but again obviously it benefits.

There is nothing about becoming slower in my day-to-day that I don’t love.

I can only encourage you to reflect and consider if slower is also better for you too?

What can you do slowly today Even just begin with slowing down your walking pace.


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The Process Towards a Simple Life


And I am still travelling.

I may always be and I’m ok with that. But getting to be ok with that doesn’t come overnight.

I have admired those with closets of 33 items and living spaces with only the essentials (that must be a dream to clean).

I have worked at a my more intentional, simple life now for a few years.

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An ‘All Kill, No Fill’ Closet

0369993BB5The benefits of a minimal wardrobe have sat in my mind now for some time. They have followed me because I haven’t been able to execute it 100%.

My wardrobe isn’t large, but it isn’t simple either.

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The Real You, The One We Have Been Waiting for


If only our bodies would marry the beauty inside them, it wouldn’t be so exhausting trying to love ourselves.

Christopher Poindexter

I want to sit in front of you and stare into your eyes.

I want to see you, really see you.

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Meditation and Mindfulness; What is the Difference, How Do I, and Why Should I?


Having sat for over 140 hours of formal meditation over two separate courses and being a regular at-home meditator, I often get asked, how to, what to, and why?

The initial struggle to get into meditation will usually arise from trying to push yourself into the wrong type of meditation for you.

The good news is it can be done in as little as five or ten minutes a day through a range of activities, from formal Vipassana sittings through to the now popular colouring book sitting.

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This is Where We Begin


This is where we begin.

It isn’t a negative place, it is a starting place.

Please don’t hate, dislike or feel disempowered by where you are now.

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8 Reasons My Minimalist Lifestyle is here to Stay


Two years ago I began looking for answers on how to get more out of life.

I was looking for ways to become more focused on fulfilling my sense of purpose.

Following a break-up that left me needing to come deeply into my soul-self, I began downsizing my life by removing all the distractions, I uncovered my inner minimalist. Distractions such as unnecessary/unused objects, too many clothes to think about choosing from, too much space to have to clean and maintain; anything that screamed for my attention. I craved simplicity in all its forms as I realised I needed my energy for my healing and couldn’t afford to be giving it away, especially to things that didn’t add value to my life.

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9 Lessons Reading 55 Books in 12 Months Taught Me

loungechair (12a of 27)I started out 2015 looking at my growing pile of books and lack of reading time. I didn’t want to stop buying books, I have an immensely growing love of learning, so made a point of ramping up the reading.

Before April I had only got through a couple of books, but upon noting I needed to get busy reading I started picking them up with purpose.  Over the course of the year the progressive rate I got through the books compounded, finishing the year with reading a couple a week.

All this taught me a lot more than just what was in the books.

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Why You Should Not Set Resolutions

alleway2 (13 of 19)

There is a trick to turning your life around and it is wonderfully simple.

Habits take a month to become muscle memory where the push to take action on the newly desired behaviour becomes routine.

This is what we want: that change we seek to be as easy as waking and brushing our teeth, no thought about it, no resistance, just action. Which does happen after one month of pushed actions, every day.

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Claim your Darkness – Own It


For every up there is a down. In life there are cycles to be surrendered to. Going on every day like the bright and starry person we hope to become just isn’t realistic.

My wildness must be allowed out. The part of me reserved for a lone walk in the woods, the part of me that howls, sneers, growls, retreats with an arch in the spine and hair on end.

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Choose Inspiration over Jealousy


Why are we always so quick to tear each other down?

Everyone you meet is doing the best they can.

Everyone you meet has an internal fight of some sort.

Everyone you meet has a story, a piece that hurts, a fear.

We are all on this same human journey; doing our best to carefully navigate through all the sharp edges of the world.

We all have something we are struggling with.

So then, why wouldn’t we rally together and help out one of our sisters/brothers of this world.

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Three Days, Thirty Hours of Meditation


It feels like I have been away months.

Like one of those holidays that changes you. You see things, learn things and you return different.

I am in that space.

I have changed.

I have accepted that which was weighing me down and now feel like the shackles have been removed.

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If Your Nerves Deny You, Deny Your Nerves

IMG_3674The nerves are beginning to appear.

With the final edit of my book drawing to a close and the design process beginning, I am starting to grow a little nervous. I have put my heart and soul into a book I am about to release to the world for all to read and judge, as human nature prompts us to do.

I faced the same fear when I began my blogging journey. I was beyond anxious and often had to push myself to hit the publish button before my inner dialogue got into another debate.

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How I Have Committed to Take Enough Risks to Keep Growing, After Allowing Ridicule To Get To Me

computer(4a of 29)

I have been playing it safe.

As often happens in times of reflection, a thought will just come out and I need to find one of my many notebooks to quickly jot it down.

Last night I had that thought, that moment, that urge to reach for a notebook. But I knew it was a change in direction. I knew that I needed a new notebook, one that would capture more ideas and thoughts like this and less like the ones of my immediate past.

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The Wall We Build Around Our Heart

 house (12a of 21)

At a young are we touch the flame, it is hot and it hurts. From this we learn not to touch fire.

We develop quick reflexes when something painful comes into contact with us – pricking our fingers with a needle or even hitting our elbow will cause us to pull away quickly.

As we grow, we go through these physical pain reflexes first. Then the emotional lessons come.  We want our parents to always say yes, we want devoted friends and we want unwavering attention when we fall in love.

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The Teachings of Travel


I am again blessed with the opportunity to travel.  The pennies have been saved, the sacrifices made, the specials scoured, and now, the next trip is booked.  It’s just a couple months away.

Travel can include everything, from a weekend road trip, to an overseas holiday, and there are lessons that come with each and every trip.

Recently, the article Don’t Date a Girl Who Travels caused a bit of controversy.  It struck a nerve with those who missed its good intentions behind the sarcastic wording, and for having a bit of fun with stereotyping travellers.  But it also provoked for the right reason: it showed how travel can help us grow.  Of course, it wasn’t long before Date a Boy Who Travels appeared in the press.

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Long Distance Lessons

alleyway (87 of 98)

Two of my closest friends are in happy, committed and seriously long-distance relationships.

I have watched with fascination over the past year how they make this work with such distance between them.

I am the kind of person who loves touch, one-on-one time and dates in a relationship, so I cannot help but wonder what they are getting to replace these experiences and what the distance offers in return.

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