Bursting with love and life


Bursting with love and life, my fingertips pulse…

The calling has a face.

The face is yours.


No longer am I content to see your talents lie dormant.

I desire to life a life of service and giving, sharing lessons learnt and inspiring movement—I am yours. I dream of working with you in providing the knowledge and tools for you to become the best possible version of yourself – as I do for me.

What I see in so many whom I come into contact – is like a shut window painted black, but, through the edges and gaps, I notice pure bright light bursting to get out – I see so much love and talent far beyond what people see in themselves, and I want to smash that window open, never to be shut again.

But until that day comes, for now, I am the late night visitor who is throwing little pebbles at the window trying to get your attention.

Who is ready to awaken for an exciting late night venture?


Were you with me last month in How Does This Serve Me?

A lot has happened in that passing month. I have travelled to China and Japan and safely returned home, more of which I will share in later posts. I have sent my first book to the publishers, I am packing to move, and I am unpacking what I have inside for you.

I wrote last month: ‘I am working on how I can best serve you—how my writing and gifts can continue to evolve further’.

And you became the answer. Over and over again, a life of service came up as my way of reaching my fullest potential.

I was looking for guidance and clues. And they came.

The best part—it moves me. My chest tightens in sheer gratitude for this path. Seeing someone emulating love and life and being part of their journey, inspiring it in some small way, is a position for which I am truly blessed.

I will honour this gift. My gift of writing enables me a channel to direct my teachings when one-on-one contact isn’t always possible. Also, the gift of being so inspired to learn all that I can to provide valuable teachings to others enables me to truly give something of value. I am excited to study, to learn and to put in the many hours required for this journey and the development of various courses for you. I am excited to write content that will truly awaken—all the more so as I know it will bring more love and caring into this world.

I have undertaken three diplomas that will guide my work: Naturopathic Nutrition, Personal Nutrition and Life Coaching. Each of these provides me great tools to disrupt your life. And I realize that is what I would become: a Life Disruptorsomeone who is determined to crack your life open and flood it with a new ‘sense of you’ that radiates.

And just as I shared my path and invited you along for this journey in my Facebook post a few days ago, in my inbox, my spiritual name from 3ho.org arrived.

It certainly sealed the deal.

‘You have been blessed to live as Balprem Kaur, the Princess/Lioness who experiences her divine self through her love and strength.

Your caring and your sharing with others is your source of strength. Those around you are effortlessly comforted and elevated to live in the love and strength of their sacred selves’.

Wow! It was the exact feelings I too had arrived at, my path so precisely named just as I had envisaged—a life of service.

And, therefore, bursting with love and life, my fingertips pulse…

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