A Guide to Soulful Goals & Intentional Living

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5 Bedrooms to 5 Boxes

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Five Bedrooms to Five Boxes will help you cut through uncertainty, clutter and the chaos of life. TaLisa walks you though her experience of finding her purpose in a journey that took her from a five bedroom house full of possessions, reduced down to five boxes in preparation for a three thousand kilometer life change.

Meditation and Mindfulness: Finding a Practice That Works For You

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This book is about helping you find the right practice. It explains some of the concepts around meditation and mindfulness enabling you to bring the calm and ease of the practice into your day.

Paper Doors

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Paper Doors is a book that reaches into the depths and dark corners of love and life. TaLisa fills the pages with a startling amount of the unsaid in love and loss through modern poetry.


Poetry like you’ve ripped your heart out, slammed it on the counter and demanded a refund… like now!

Grab a FREE copy here– to celebrate TaLisa’s full poetry book Papers Doors here is a free poetry poster book.