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The Silver Lining of Life Changes

I am here, living in this moment, and it is great. I have goosebumps on my skin. A wave washes over me, and I want to share it … to share the sights and sensations. But I am single; I have no partner beside me to share this moment with, so I enjoy it alone.


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Your Greatest Adventure

It is the thing they write books about. Some are made into movies. Some will become songs, and some will be passed down in families as family legends.


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Turning The Relationship We Dream Of Into The Relationship We Have

You catch my eye across the room and the glance is held a second and third time. We move in our circles of conversation closer and closer, and towards the end of the night we are in the same circle, eyes catching and hand actions mirroring, and all of a sudden I get the chance to introduce myself.


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When a Relationship is Lonelier Than Being Alone

You meet, the attraction is mutual, and trust is earned, so you let yourself fall. Sometimes the honeymoon period lasts one year, sometimes only a month or two, but it doesn’t matter, you can fall in love with someone in any timeframe, and once you are in that next zone it becomes hard to walk away.


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Duty of Care to Yourself

What do you do to know you’re ok?
There is a Duty of Care by law, that we each have a social contract, a responsibility towards others within society.


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Finding Balance Between Information Gathering and Experience

So much information; constant, streaming, intriguing, overloading information.
We have all that interests us constantly surrounding us as we choose which blogs to follow, pages to like, and notifications to alert us.


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When is Enough, Enough?

A male friend called me the other day to ask when is enough, enough? Having made the call myself. For me it was when I was at breaking point. I knew I would probably go a little crazy and feared I was about to hit a scary level of emotionally damage that would change me if I stayed in something that was hurting so much.


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Are Those Around You Quietly Annoyed With You

You’re in the presence of another; special time with your partner, out with friends, or in the middle of family time. It is time for catching up, talking, laughing but then there is this moment when someone reaches for their phone, no message sound, no ringing just a ‘check’.


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The Beauty in Your Vulnerability

We want to succeed, and we all have different definitions of success.
We feel the pressure as soon as we can comprehend it. The schooling system with everything marked, graded,reported back to our parents on, the sports carnival, all the running, jumping, ribbons and ranking.


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Nine Things I Learned From My Parents Divorce

My parents muddled through a divorce during my early high school years. I was the eldest of three children, with two younger brothers, therefore my parents’ divorce involved five people.