TaLisa writes with an emotional tenderness and an eye-opening awareness about everyday observationsriver (21acrop of 48)


I am abundantly grateful, purposefully focused and groundedly ambitious.


I am a personal and corporate wellness coach, drawing my years in management, my coaching certification and ability to intuitively get to the unspoken message – you can work with me here.

I post regular content on this blog and also as a guest blogger and have been featured in Wellineux’s E-Mag.

I am a poet at heart that loves the rhyme and dance words can create.

I have lived many lives in this one. This most recent life began when I made a new home in Tasmania, 3,000 kms from my Queensland base, with only 5 boxes, leaving behind a 5 bedroom house of ‘stuff’.

Buffeted by so much change in my life to date, I accepted the challenge laid before me. I turned inwards, exploring dark corners and overturning every stone on my inner self. I leaned into the pain, pushing myself ever deeper into those old wounds. I laid myself bare, letting reawakened emotions burn bright against my raw soul.

And I  emerged with a clear plan of my true life calling, in turn putting me on this new path with you and leading to completing courses in Life Coaching, Nutrition and Reiki to add to my Diplomas from my corporate life in leadership, management and human resources, all providing a well-rounded coaching service and online courses.


I am exploring all things that bring peace and energy and now focussing on writing a full-length book on this very topic:

Peaceful Energy, a book about your natural energy flow.

There is also my first book Paper Doors, a collection of poetry, thought-provokers, and short stories, and Five Bedrooms to Five Boxes, a guide to a simple life, along with a couple little free ebooks you will also find on the books page.

I collect music, quotes and tattoos.

My spiritual name from 3ho.org is Balprem Kaur, the Princess/Lioness who experiences her divine self through her love and strength, meaning my caring and sharing with others is my source of strength. It is said that those around me are effortlessly comforted and elevated to live in the love and strength of their sacred selves. It was music to my ears to receive such a name as it rings so very true to this new life path.

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Ready for more from life

You may just be browsing but something may have led you here, and if you want to take this further and begin the life you have always wanted for yourself. I specialise in turning things around and showing you just how simple it can be with inspirational, through provoking coaching sessions.

I specialise in turning things around and showing you just how simple it can be with inspirational, through provoking coaching sessions.

My Coaching Packages are here.

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