The 32+ Most Important Lessons of My 31 Years


Earlier this year I wrote The 31 Most Important Lessons of My 31 Years.

I collated all the wonderful quotes and lessons I had scribbled in my various notebooks over the years of my life, which of course in the initial collation didn’t just stop at 31. I have collected many words that have impacted me and choosing the biggest lessons of those at first cut totalled 58.

To share with you the rest of this first collation, here is number 32 through to 58 in no particular order.

32. There is always a silver lining. But usually you can only understand what it is after the event, even if it was just the lessons in life it taught you.

33. Be optimistic but be prepared.

34. The right decision is often the hardest. Rarely is something that is easy the best solution.

35. Emotional damage can and will change you. Be aware of this and do your best not to let it control you or change you into someone you’re not.

36. Forever is most likely, not the case. Only less than or equal to one relationship will last in your life. And it goes beyond partnerships, not all friendships last and families grow up and move away; time is fleeting, as are these moments.

37. Add Value. I need to give you something with my writing, I should try to add value in all that I do and in all the relationships with people I have in my life.

38. Break-ups are extremely hard but relationships are still worth it. (This is just in relation to the standard pain of a break up here, not anything that was violent or abusive.)   I have been in that space where the parting of ways hurts so much you want to erase the whole thing but I believe people teach us lessons we need to learn. We grow from each other and if I started something with someone, I did then, and so always will hold them in regard and treasure the good times.

39. We tend to look at the past with rose glasses. Remembering the bad times can help us move forward – they are lessons we need to remember so we don’t repeat the same mistakes. Remember the good times but don’t let them wipe out the lessons of your past.

40. Love isn’t enough. A quote I also like hits this on point; ‘Love is worth fighting for, but you cannot be the only one fighting’.

41. Risk more than is required, learn more than is normal, deliver more than is asked.

42. Dream big, but start small and start now.

43. If you don’t learn the lesson it will return. I didn’t resonate with this when I first heard it, and it came noting that the lesson will usually come through people. But the more I have watched my life evolve with it in my mind the more I tend to agree with it. I have watched people teach me lessons and in learning have noted the return until it does sink in.

44. Progress includes mistakes. And those mistakes can hurt. I have learned a lot through posting my writing. It has been difficult bearing my soul and having my life up for judgement. I have at times not expressed myself well and had my words turned against me in a completely different context than intended. But this all came with many lessons to help me grow as a writer and a person.

45. Don’t settle. You will have to work hard and make sacrifices but put yourself where you deserve in life.

46. You may not get what you want but you will get what you need.

47. There is a difference between giving up and knowing when you have had enough. Enough is enough.

48. You need to work out where you are going, to move on from where you are. Work out inside yourself where you are going then plan and act.

49. Use the bricks people throw at you to build castles.

50. Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about, be kind always.

51. Everyone is either a blessing or a lesson and by default both.

52. Happiness, confidence and humility are the perfect combination.

53. Someone else is praying for the things you take for granted.

54. Don’t make assumptions – seek to understand.

55. Moderation. Control over yourself is extremely healthy.

56. Change involves discomfort – put yourself outside of your comfort zone.

57. The only person you should try and be better than is the one you were yesterday.

58. Fear is the breaks of the body. I love the quote, ‘feel the fear and proceed anyway’. Such growth is in this. Challenge yourself as often as you can.