3 Life Tips From My 33 Years

DeathtoStock_TheCollaborative-2It is great to see such a focus on debunking the health myths that have lead to many of the health issues we face today.

We are now hearing how we require 8-9 hours of sleep or our mental sharpness is impaired, how important our gut health is, and science is now quantifying the amazing benefits of meditation.

Upon reflection of what there is to know beyond these basics, three tips arise from the life I have lived on this earth to date.


Know that, when you are in a growth phase, striving and pushing yourself, physically or mentally there will come a time when you want to quit. This is normal and everyone experiences this. Often this is the final barrier that holds the new ease of flow you were originally seeking when you began this journey.

If you can prepare yourself for this, when that feeling arrives that begs you to throw the towel in, you can distance yourself from the thought rather than feed into it. You can acknowledge its place in the cycle and move through it rather than push against it.

What you can do to help yourself survive this natural down in the cycle of learning leads to point two.


Rest and reset.

When you hit that feeling, like it is all too hard or nothing is changing it’s time to take a break. A break to rest and reset allows you to process, re-energise, and give yourself the self-care required during these phases. It is an important step in the growth cycle. After all, we need eight hours sleep at night just to process a standard day, and a similar rest period is required throughout a growth/learning phase, you need time to process, you cannot hit it hard non-stop.

Rest and reset to enable you to keep going.


And thirdly, in reflection of these above steps, it so very wise to acknowledge the cycles of life.

There are births and deaths in every aspect of our lives. New relations are the births, new jobs, new years. The deaths are in the break-ups, change of jobs, the removal of an old habit, the good-bye to an old residence. There are cycles within these cycles. Relationships will cycle through honeymoon phases, and phases when you need time apart to appreciate coming back together. There are positives and negatives to everything around us, and of the charge of energy within us.

Respect the downturn, know it often isn’t game over, but rather the pause to take time out, reflect, rest, reset and get ready to grow and step forth anew.