10 Steps to Start Living More Simply


1. Challenge yourself to use what you have over acquisition.

2. Politely decline anything you can and get real about the ‘need’ to say yes – is it really necessary?

3. Understand it is a habit and addiction to consume and remain busy – it is also a choice.

4. Keep changes achievable – pick one cupboard a week. Keep only the essentials, sell and donate what doesn’t need throwing out.

5. Be prepared to fear saying no and making these changes. It is part of the process. The best tip is to expect the fear/resistance and use the knowledge it is part of the process to move through it. Do this by taking a break, then come back in.

6. Seek out small ways to regularly help others, be it through deed, donation or delivering a kind word. Once you do you will know why – the chemicals these actions release in your body feel so good, and they fuel your positive change.

7. Set your alarm to go to bed to ensure you get enough sleep. Bedtime is the important end.

8. Learn one new recipe this fortnight that uses wholesome ingredients (again it is about small manageable steps). My trick is to make it is breakfast one, like a vegetable bread I can easy mash avocado over for the whole week!

9. Water, water and more water – you feel better, think clearer and so much more.

10. Give one hug and take one hug this week, and really sink into them. The release of feel-good chemicals is pure bliss.

And the bonus one –

11. Find a simple way to start meditation. Check out the Headspace app for 10 minute guided meditations that are amazing. Want more info to start this practice easily or just find one that works for you – check out my $9 Meditation Course here.